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15. The filing of a voluntary, but not an involuntary,

Customer Question

15. The filing of a voluntary, but not an involuntary, petition operates as an automatic stay. True or false

16. A proof of claim is not required for a creditor to participate in the distribution of the proceeds of the liquidation of the debtor's estate.

True or false

17. Creditors who hold security for the full amount of a debt will be affected by a debtor's bankruptcy.

True or false

18. A discharge releases a debtor from a debt for a student loan that first became due two years before bankruptcy. True or false

19. Individuals and corporations, but not partnerships, may be reorganized under the Bankruptcy Reform Act. True or false

20. Craig is the principal beneficiary of his aunt's will. If his aunt dies, any property inherited by Craig within six months after the filing of a bankruptcy petition against him passes to the trustee. True or false

21. In a credit transaction, the seller generally must reveal not only the interest rate but also the annual percentage rate. True or false

22. A consumer may waive all defenses. True or false

23. Unreasonable methods of debt collection may be held by the courts to constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy. True or false

24. When a mercantile agency makes a credit report based on personal investigation and interviews, the consumer investigated has no right to learn the result of such investigation. True or false

25. It is permissible under the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) to refuse credit to a woman of childbearing age because she may cease working to have children. True or false

26. A credit bureau cannot report a bankruptcy proceeding after ten years. True or false

27. A development statement is a document that the Land Sales Act requires to be filed with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by promoters of certain specified real estate developments. True or false

28. Both drafts and promissory notes may have the quality of negotiability. True or false

29. Instruments always are negotiable. True or false

30. Instruments are transferable, written, signed promises or orders to pay a specified sum of money. True or false

31. Instruments are negotiable when they contain the terms required by contract law. True or false

32. The maker is the person who writes out and creates a promissory note. True or false

33. Payees have rights before delivery of the instrument to them. True or false

34. Once a draft is delivered to the payee, the drawee becomes liable. True or false

35. When a drawee has signified in writing on a draft the willingness to make a specified payment, the drawee is called the acceptor. True or false

36. A person who becomes an accommodation party assumes a certain degree of liability True or false

37. A drawee has no responsibility until the draft is accepted. True or false

38. A payee is not liable on the instrument until the payee transfers the instrument. True or false

39. Automobile lemon laws apply only to purchases of vehicles by businesses. True or false

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Business and Finance Homework
Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 4 years ago.

Hello and welcome

I can help you with these questions though the question value is bit low.

The questions i see are from serial no 15 to 39. Is that correct?

May i know which course/test/exam they book to?
Also let me know the time deadline for this, if any.


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Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 4 years ago.
I am still waiting for your reply
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

due today

questions 15-39

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

course: business law en200

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