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1. The portion of the universe that has been selected for analysis

Customer Question

1. The portion of the universe that has been selected for analysis is called: (Points : 4)
a sample
a frame
a parameter
a statistic

2. One of the advantages of a pie chart is that it clearly shows that the total of all the categories of the pie adds to 100%. (Points : 4)

3. Which of the 4 methods of data collection is involved when a person counts the number of cars passing designated location on the Los Angeles freeway system? (Points : 4)
published sources

4. The coefficient of variation is a measure of the central tendency in the data. (Points : 4)

5. Which of the following is NOT a measure of central tendency? (Points : 4)
the arithmetic mean
the geometric mean
the mode
the interquartile range

6. A Pareto diagram is a bar chart in which the bars are naturally arranged with a decreasing pattern: (Points : 4)

7. If two events are collectively exhaustive, what is the probabiltiy that one or the other occurs? (Points : 4)
Can not be determined with the information given

8. The cross-tabulation of two categorical variables leads to a contingency table: (Points : 4)

9. A business venture can result in the following outcomes (with their corresponding chance of occuring in parenthesis); Highly Successful (10%), Successful (25%), Break Even (25%), Disappointing (20%), and Highly Disappointing (?). If these are the only outcomes possible for the business venture, what is the chance that the business venture will be considered Highly Disappointing? (Points : 4)

10. A population consists of all the possible objects to be studied: (Points : 4)

11. An economics professor bases his final grade on homework, two midterm examinations, and a final examination. The homework counts 10% toward the final grade, while each midterm counts 25%. The remaining porttion consists of the final exam. If a student scored 95% in homework, 70% on the first midterm, 96% on the second midterm, and 72% on the final exam, his final average is 79.8% (Points : 4)

12. If event A and Event B cannot occur at the same point in time, then events A and B are said to be (Points : 4)
mutually exclusive
statistically independent
collectively exhaustive
none of the above

13. Thirty-six of the staff of 80 teachers at a local intermediate school are certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). In 180 days of school, about how many days can we expect that the teacher on bus duty will likely be certified in CPR (Points : 4)
5 Days
45 Days
65 days
81 Days

14. If we randomly draw a ball from a bag with a finite number of balls in it, then put the ball back into the bag and randomly draw another ball from the bag, this is an example of sampling with replacement (Points : 4)

15. The Standard Normal distribution has a mean of 1 and a standard deviation of 1. (Points : 4)
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business and Finance Homework
Expert:  Finley replied 5 years ago.
1. a sample

2. True

3. observation

4. False

5. the interquartile range

6. True

7. 1.00

8. True

9. 20%

10. True

11. True

12. mutually exclusive

13. 81 Days

14. True

15. False
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