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How can a foreign subsidiary located in the United States improve

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How can a foreign subsidiary located in the United States improve its corporate social responsibility in the United States? Are attitudes toward CSR in the United States changing as more foreign subsidiaries locate within the Unites States? How, and why?

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A foreign subsidiary located in the United States can improve its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the U.S. by acting ethically and responsibly on a local level, particularly by caring for the communities in which they conduct business. This may involve having structured business ethics and governance programs in place to ensure adherence to SEC regulations, as well as a committment to State and local communities by supporting their values and customs. As an increasing number of foreign subsidiaries locate to the United States, CSR will increase in importance to the U.S., in order to help protect its environment and existing value systems. More and more companies will begin to adopt CSR within their corporate strategies to address social and environmental concerns, as the U.S. continues to place a greater value on protecting its resources. Also, U.S. government and consumers will likely take a more active role in promoting formal CSR practices as the number of foreign subsidiaries enter the U.S. market.

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