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I need to talk to a buick mechanic on how to remove airbag

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I need to talk to a buick mechanic on how to remove airbag control module, clock spring for 1998 buick lesabre and get it reprogrammed

Did the air bags deploy?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
not that I know of? I bought car from individual air bag light was on. I took it to buick dealership, they said the codes for airbag module, clockspring were showing. They told me that they could not get me a new module or clock spring because they do not make them anymore. I asked about getting new module from salvage yard and they said that each airbag module is programmed fro each car by vin number. They did not have any answers on how to fix this with this dilemma. Any answers?
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Can I get step by step instructions on how to change airbag control module and clock spring with tools that are needed and with detailed pictures?
Can the airbag module be rebuilt, how do you reprogram the module with your vin number once it is fixed?

If the clock spring is bad, you can not determine if the air bag module is bad or not. You can get a new clock spring from Oreilly's auto parts. The part number is ***** I would start with replacing it and see if the control module will work correctly.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
if I change clock spring and this fixes the issue how will I know. Will the airbag light turn off or do I need to get it reset and how do I do that? Where is the airbag module located in this vehicle?

The air bag module is under the passenger front seat. After replacing the clock spring, you will need to clear the codes. This can be done with a scan tool, or simply disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes.

Due to the danger of removing the clock spring, I would much rather walk you through changing the clock spring step by step to make sure you do not get hurt. If you do not do this job correctly, the air bag can deploy and that would not be a good thing. When do you want to replace the clock spring?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I will not be doing it today. I live in Indiana and will have to wait until tomorrow or when I can get the clock spring. What tools will I need? What can I do to make sure it does not go off? Should I unplug the battery cables?

Lets start off with the tools you will need. If you do not have them, Oreilly's rents them, but you get all your money back when you return the tools. What you need from Oreilly"s, the clock spring. The part number I gave you is the correct part number. They do have one that is a little cheaper, but I would not use it as I have had a lot of trouble with the Dorman clock springs. You will also need a steering wheel puller set, and yes they do have them for rent. You will also need a small p[air of snap ring pliers. You will have to buy them as they do not rent them. You will also need a metric socket set, torques bits " To unbolt the air bag in the steering wheel", and a flat head and philips screw driver. To mak it easy to pull the wires through the steering column you will also need a roll of electrical tape. Let me know when you have all of this and we will go over everything step by step, so you do not amke any mistakes.

It is not advisable to use a used clock spring. You do not know if it is centered and therefor it is unknown if it will be damaged when you install it and turn the steering wheel.

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
no I will be using new clock spring. do I need to unhook battery cables when I get ready to do this work? I am going tomorrow to get the clock spring and required tools. So I can contact you tomorrow when I am ready to start by email. will you be available during the day. I am on eastern standard time so it is midnight where I live.

About what time do you think you will want to get started? I am on eastern time as well.