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I have a 1997 Buick Lasabre 3.8L series 2 Im not getting 12v

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I have a 1997 Buick Lasabre 3.8L series 2 Im not getting 12v to the fuel pump when I check the connector the gray wire Im only getting 5v for 3-5 secs then it goes down instead of getting the 12v for 5 secs then going down. I have checked the fuel pump relay and put a new 1 in still not getting 12v to my fuel pump. So I have checked the pins that the fuel pump relay go to and Im getting 12v on 1 bottom pin and 9v on the other bottom pin so im getting the voltage to the relay and fuse box but not to the fuel pump connector. Were would my problem lie maybe the connector has gone bad or the wiring from the connector to where ever it goes assuming the relay box correct? Also, is there anyway for me to apply 12v from the battery and negative from the battery eal quick to just se if the fuel pump is good. I know 12v are not applied all the time could I use the battery just 3-5 secs to get the fuel pump to start to see if its would start?

Yes you can run a hot and ground to the pump to power the pump itself up, but you do not have to do it for just 3-6 seconds. The pump will stay running as long as the engine is running so it will not hurt it to test it this way. Now we have to make sure you are powering the pump up correctly so you do not burn up the sending unit. What are the colors for the 4 wires going to the fuel pump?

You should have a black wire and a purple wire in the plug for the fuel gauge, and they will be in pin slots D and B with B being the purple wire and a gray wire in pin slot C and the ground wire is the black wire in pin slot A. With the lock on the top the pins should be D to the left and A on the right. So unplug the fuel pump plug from the side of the tank and add power to the gray wire pin C and a ground to the black wire in pin slot A and see if the car will start.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Ok thank u

You are very welcome.

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