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I.Y. Guy, with above average vehicle parts knowledge and I

Customer Question

I am D.I.Y. Guy, with above average vehicle parts knowledge and I know how a vehicle because I do a lot of research before I change a part that I am not familiar with. Now, I have 2005 buick rendezvous cxl 3.4l v6 which I have owned for 2yrs. I have just changed the front brakes, rotor and calipers, now this is the first time I have changed the calipers on THIS vehicle, but I have on my Mountaineer. So here go, after I put everything back to together, I filled the brake fluid reservoir to the mas and then proceed to bleed the brake in this sequence (as per my research) RL, RR, FL, FR while the vehicle was running 10-15 pedal depression per tire. During bleeding the brake fluid was shooting out of the bleeder that is how I know that the line is bleed perfectly. Once this process was completed, my father which was assisting me kept telling me that the brake pedal was NOT get any stiffer, but instead was going straight to the floor. I asked a few mechanics in my town, they informed that it was POSSIBLE that the ABS system was bad and to check ABS fuses, also check the Check Valve on the brake booster and also check the brake line to caliper bolt. I ordered a NEW ABS system and installed it, i recheck all bleeder and the new calipers and connections. I then re bleed the lines in the same way, still I have absolutely no brakes, to make a point the car drift right into my work bench in my garage (very little damage, dented bumper). Now to let you know I have a Very stiff brake pedal when the car is not running (obviously). I then was told that it could be the master cylinder or even the booster, well I went and got a brand new ones today. I took the master cylinder and fluid reservoir to a local mechine to bench which he did. I then put everything back on and again the same thing, I have stiff brakes when the vehicle is off and then absolutely no brake when I turn the vehicle on. I replace everything I am serioursly lost and look for some real answers.. Please Help
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Buick
Expert:  Dan replied 2 months ago.

Hello, my name is ***** ***** I'm here to help get your problem solved.

Expert:  Dan replied 2 months ago.

When you said abs system was replaced do you mean the hydraulic control assembly located under the abs module?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
The ABS system is all one unit in this vehicle
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
hydraulic control assembly, is manufacturered together in which the ABS module is on the bottom
Expert:  Dan replied 2 months ago.

Loss of pressure can be caused by air in system, master cylinder, or hydraulic control assembly. Since all the parts have been replaced this would mean air is in the system but since a manual bleed isn't helping this means a automated bleed needs to be done with scantool which activates abs system to get all of the air out. To prevent this in future parts should be replaced quickly, do not remove old caliper until you have new one in hand so it can be switched out quick. If you remove caliper then run to parts store to buy a new caliper this allows air to enter system causing this problem. A shop will charge about a hour labor to do automated bleed with scantool. Let me know if you have questions, thanks.

Expert:  Dan replied 2 months ago.

Ever get it figured out?

Expert:  Dan replied 2 months ago.

Any Luck? Please do not forget to rate answer so I can be compensated for information/time. Thanks.