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Gary, Buick Technician
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I have a 1994 Buick Century w/ 155k on the dash. Just

Customer Question

I have a 1994 Buick Century w/ 155k on the dash.
Just recently bought and fixed up, its been driving fine. One morning spontaneously, it won't move in any gear.
I don't want to be told its the transmission and it needs replacement (the way its behaving doesn't seem to be trans)
The video below details the problem:
Any input on possibly failed solenoids, fuses (checked all of them in the cabin) or any possibilities would be appreciated.
I just bought the damn thing and I'm not swapping the trans so if its fixable ill do the work myself otherwise its going on craigslist (which I would hate to do since the engine runs beautifully)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Buick
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If it helps:also attempted what this guy did: when it was unplugged all it did was procure an engine light in certain gears, when or when not reving.
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

i am assuming the fluid is full ?

when it park will the car NOT roll and be locking on the parking lock ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the fluid is full.When in park the car will not roll, when in neutral it will go both ways, and in R it seems to only roll back (obviously not going to try to hard)Parking brake works.
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

if you remove the upper transmission cooler line and put it into an empty 2 litter bottle and start the car up will transmission fluid pour out of the line into the bottle ?

these transmissions by GM and most others are designed to by default have reverse and a forward gear no matter what happens electronically

reverse uses NO electronics to operate as it is a form of a mechanical gear

as for the shift solenoids with 2 solenoids they use to achieve 4 gears with one on and other off an on and off pattern you can see how you can get 4 gears with 2 solenoids and if power was lost to both solenoids or one of both failed it still would in a configuration to have usually 2nd or 3rd gear

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
its like its completely not transferring power to the wheels -I can try the transmission cooler line thing tomorrow - if it DOES flow, what does that indicate???
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

if it flows we know the pump is good and this issue is a torque converter failure or a dreaded failure of the input drum or input clutches along that line

if there is NO flow then the filter is plugged or the pump has failed inside the transmission or the pump drive rod

i know this is not what you wanted to hear but it is honest and the truth and the correct direction to find the issue it will boil down to a transmission issue but which part of the transmission checking for fluid flow will narrow it down to a deep failure or a plugged filter or pump failure or pump drive rod which those 2 are a matter of pulling the bottom pan for the filter and or the side cover to remove the pump and check the pumps drive rod and check the pump vanes to see if they have broken

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
to clarify, this is the tube that runs into the top of the trans???I attached picture from google images of the one i'm thinking
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

that tube is the shift TV cable for down shifts when your floor it

the top metal line in the top of the radiator side tube is the line you need to remove

Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

how are you making out ?

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