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Buick Century: Can I replace my power steering pump without

Customer Question

Can I replace my power steering pump without buying a new reservoir? Is it a simple task? My '97 Buick Century is having problems, It only happens when it is raining, I live in Florida. Today while I was driving straight I heard a groan type noise and i felt the steering get tight then the belt squealed and the steering came back. Just making sure its actually the pump and not like my tension-er or something. THANK YOU!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Buick
Expert:  Ron Z. replied 2 years ago.
I'm sorry the Tech you requested was unavailable to assist you today. It appears that Tech is currently "Offline". Now that his 15 minute "request lock" has expired, hopefully I can be of some assistance in his place...From what you are describing here, it does sound more like a belt/tension issue rather than a power steering pump issue. If it were to be the pump, the symptoms would be present at any given time, not just when raining. If the tensioner seemed a bit loose when pushing on the belt, my advice here would be to inspect the belt for any signs of "glazing" (excessively shiny) on the flat part and/or excessive cracks along the ribbed side. If there are any doubts, replace the belt. If replacing the belt does not solve the problem, the tensioner is not putting enough tension on the belt and more than likely it also will need to be replaced. Please remember, your rating is required. Leave a rating using the rating system at the top of this page or accept the answer and let me know how my service was today! You can ask follow-up questions any time, even after you rate or accept.