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Buick Roadmaster: Had new brakes and new drums installed on

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Had new brakes and new drums installed on rear axle of 92 Buick Roadmaster. Now when I apply the brakes the rear brakes feel like they are bouncing and grabbing. Whats wrong?

hi, I will help you name is XXXXX XXXXX

was new brake hardware also used ?

did someone install these for you ? and is there an issue taking it back to them ?

were the drums cleaned and washed-there is a sticky residue that is on the drum surfaces that needs to be cleaned off -it is put on to resist rust from forming while the drum is in storage ..

have you tried to jack the back end up in the air and turn the wheels by hand ? they should spin a few or more times with nobody touching the brake pedal ...jazz...

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had the brakes done at a new car dealership and they installed all new hardware. Could the brakes be adjusted to tight causing the anti lock sytem to work?

yes, that was what I was thinking ,I would go back, since you most likely paid alot to have that done at a new car dealership .and have them double check their work ...jazzmaster ...
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