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Buick Lucerne: When trying to open the trunk of my recently

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When trying to open the trunk of my recently purchased 2008 Buick Lucerne, I was unable to make any of the releases work: the remote keyless entry failed to pop the trunk. I opened the driver's door and pushed the trunk release that we had just used half an hour before to put groceries into the trunk also failed to pop the trunk. We looked at the trunk itself and could find no keyhole. Any suggestions?
You should be able to get in threw the rear seat, there is a opening at the rear seat to get in to the truck so you can reach in and pull the manual truck release. The manual truck release is a glow in the dark plastic handle on the ceiling of the truck.

Rear Seat Pass-Through

Your vehicle has a small door in the rear seat. This door allows you to access the trunk from inside the vehicle.

The rear seat armrest must be down for the pass-through door to open. To release the pass-through door, move the release lever up. To close the door, raise it and push it until it latches.


Object Number: 808272



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