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Buick Rendezvous CXL: 2003/Buick/Rendezvous trans shifts into

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2003/Buick/Rendezvous trans shifts into gear hard , not shifting into third gear untill I let off gas filter been changed
2 month ago 140,000 miles help
is the check engine light on ? does the speedometer work fine all the time ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

speed ometer ok no engine light

do you hear any whining noise from the transmission ? do all the gears bang when they shift ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no whinning noise tranny quiet not all gears second sometimes goes in hard when downshifting or passing going down in gears are ok gust seems when going up thru the gears . sometimes setting at stop light and I want to start it seems like it didn,t shift into the gear and then it bangs when I give it gas

ok the most common problem that will cause these issues is either dirty fluid sticking valves in the valve body or a bad pressure control solenoid in the transmission. Best plan of action is to have a shop perform a transmission fluid flush with a machine they add a cleaner and run the cleaner throughout the transmission then with the machine they remove all @ 11 quarts of old fluid and put in all new fluid. This will usually correct most of them if it still does this the transmission side cover needs to come off and the valve body removed and inspected and cleaned and the pressure control solenoid changed. I do not feel its any deeper than that since you can achieve all gears . its more like the shift quality and fell and timing is off. If it was deeper usually it would just be missing a gear or not moving at all
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