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Aran, General Motors
Category: Buick
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Buick Enclave CXL: My 2008 Buick Enclave wont start and has

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My 2008 Buick Enclave won't start and has no power whatsoever-- no lights, seats won't move, can't lock/unlock doors, etc. I can't even remove the key from the ignitition. It seems to be completely frozen. I thought it was related to the theft-deterent system, but there is no light indicating that. I tried the other key fob and still no power at all. It was running fine yesterday, and when I went to start it this morning no power at all. Any ideas of what to do?

Aran :

Hi I'm Aran.

From your very good description it sounds as if the battery itself is dead or run down.

Is this issue something you are going to try and repair or are you just looking for advice at this point?



I don't think it's the battery because the engine doesn't even turn over and the power is dead in the entire car. Isn't the battery just for the engine?

Aran :

Thank you for the reply and again for your very descriptive response, the battery for the car supplies the power for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on that vehicle, even not being able to pull the key out of the ignition is caused by a dead battery.

Do you have access to some jumper cables or a car charger that you can hook up to the vehicle?

The battery is just behind the front passenger seat, remove the floor mat behind the seat and the battery cover is under there.

I want to make sure you are very satisfied with your experience here, can I clarify anything for you at this point?


okay, but why would the battery go dead? The car was fine yesterday. It only has 44,000 miles. No lights were left on, and even if so, there is a system in the car to prevent that from draining a battery. What would cause that?

Aran :

Hi again thanks for the reply, we have 2 issues at this point, one the car battery is dead. The other issue is why.

That is why I asked up front if this was something you were looking to repair or diagnose yourself, so I could properly advise you, so are you looking to repair this yourself and or diagnose the battery and why it went dead?



I'm not planning to do any repairs myself, but if it's just a jump start I can do that. But also want to understand why that would happen

Aran :

Great and know that I am here for you to make this as pleasurable as possible considering the circumstances. I am reviewing any gm bulletins for common battery draws at this point.

Is it possible to get the last 8 of your vin number so I can look up applicable bulletins that may have to do with an inherent battery draw issue specific for your car?


Aran :

Ok I see you went offline, so I continued to do some research and did find a bulletin relating to a battery draw for your vehicle based on the year of the vehicle.

You will need free adobe reader to view and or print this, CLICK HERE for it.

Please note there is many things that can draw the battery dead including a software update as listed in this bulletin also the battery itself can fail.
I only have the symptoms to go on as that is all the information I have, I cannot test the vehicle and tell you exactly why it went dead as I am not at the vehicle.

I am however confident in the battery being dead, and as far as why it will need to be diagnosed.

I appreciate your valuable time, and hope that I have been of some help for you.

If you have additional questions, please ask away.

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Thanks in advance for using JA/Pearl and for your patience and time!

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