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Buick century: 2000 buick century. 3.1. Engine code p1811.

Resolved Question:

2000 buick century. 3.1. Engine code p1811. Has harsh shifts with whining in transmission. Scanned for codes and checked fluid is whats been tried so far.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Buick
Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

This code is described as "Maximum adapts and long shifts"



This code is set when the transmission has a late shift that it is trying to compensate for. You may or may not feel the late shift at first. the shift time is supposed to less than 0.65 seconds and when longer, it sets the code.

Possible causes are a faulty pressure control solenoid, valve body problem, accumulator problem, or any one of the clutches. All of which are internal to trans.

Sometimes a fluid and filter change will help, but usually not. To find the exact cause, a tech2 level scanner is used on a test drive to check shifting parameters, fluid pressures and then based upon those numbers, a teardown is usually required to identify the internal failure and rebuild required
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