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2001 lesabre: security light flashes on once..changing..fuse box

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how do I fix a 2001 lesabre suddenly dead car with security light flashes on once on dash. A shop wants to "try" changing the fuse box, which one, i dont know. No codes on test.
if the security light is on the problem is either a bad theft module (located around the ignition lock cylinder case) or a bad dash integration module, first make sure all fuses are good, then i would take it to a new shop because if the security light is flashing there are codes but maybe they machine cant read them or diagnose a theft concern. good luck. and please accept my answer so i can get credit. thanks T-MAN
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can I bypass the theft module to test it and/or remove it? The car's value is not worth deterring theft. BTW, the security light flashes on BRIEFLY with the other usual dash lights when you try to start it. Nothing stays on flashing. We have never seen that before.
Where is the dash integration module (behind the dash board?)? How expensive would you think these are to repair? Also, the shop thinks it needs a new fuse box (which one, IDK). Wants to get one from used parts dealer, $120. I think they are guessing and hoping they're right.
the dash integration module is behind the dash. the security system on that car cant be bypassed and it will only be a security concern if the light is on or flashing, if its not i wouldn't worry about that, they need to make sure all fuses are good, and if so check the ignition switch. the dealer will charge close to $100 to tell you whats wrong with it then if the cost to repair it is too high, take it to another shop and see if they will make that repair for you cheaper. good luck. and please accept my answer so i can get credit. thanks T-MAN
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