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2001 buick Century: service engine light..(EGR code)..light comes back

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My service engine light (2001 buick Century) has been on for a while (EGR code) and was also on 2 years ago when i needed to get it smogged. it cost me nearly $500. My mechanic said there is a service bulletin that says to clear the computer and reset to see if the light comes back on. Is this a Buick problem?
Hello,I will be glad to try and assist you with this,Welcome to Just Answer.


If the egr valve has been replaced and this light is still on the most common problem is the engine computer programming.

There is a bulletin out to reprogram the engine computer for a false egr fault code that sets.This should correct this problem.A dealer has to do this reprogram as it requires their scan tool and their GM computer to do the re programming to correct this problem.

One other thing I would check is to have the dealer or your mechanic check for carbon build up in the passage way from the egr valve to the intake,if this is clogged with carbon then it needs cleaned out as well.

But he is part way correct,the computer needs reprogrammed to fix a false egr code from setting on this vehicle.

A dealer will usually charge about an hours labor to do this.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thanks for the answer, confirming what my mechanic said. You said a dealer has to do it. However, he said that he can "reprogram" the computer. Does he have the proper equipment to do this?

Also, I have been dealing with for several months. The odometer (numbers) lighted led (lcd?) lights go out and comes back, with much effort, of tapping on the clearing button (?) on the dash numberous times. Its coming back on less frequently now. Only use it for trip and oil change timing. can only assume there is a short or loose connection. everything else (gauges) work fine.

last question. I was loosing radiator water and was told there is a bulletin (?) about upper manifold leak. I put some of the alum a seal particles in the radiator and seems to be holding. want to change the radiator fluids but am afraid to do so so for fear of restarting the leak. constantly having gook collect on the inner part of the radiator cap.
Your welcome,

If he has the right type of scan tool and access to GM programming then yes he can do this,some independent shops have this and can do this for you.

With the cluster problem you have described here this sounds like the common failure of an internal electrical failure in the cluster itself and would need replaced.I have had to replace quite a few of these before to correct this exact concern,it is a loose solder or connection in the cluster that causes this.

The most common coolant leak on this engine is actually the lower intake,the upper intake doesn't have any coolant running through it on this engine.The lower intake gaskets can leak coolant externally and as well internally into the engine,this is where the gunk on the cap comes from and this will damage the engine if run to long like this as coolant acts like sand paper to the engine bearings.This should be fixed as soon as possible.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
once again thanks. so the who cluster has to be replaced for that one little light. cost of this would be a lot?
In some cases it can be repaired,usually if you want it repaired a dealer has to send it in to their authorized repair center for this.

Costs vary depending on your location and dealer charges but usually it can run around $300 to $400 for the repair or the replacement as they generally charge the same amount either way.

This is the only way to correct the problem in the cluster and it is a flat fee for repair or replacement.

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