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2001 Buick: scanner..Car running a little rough but ok..sucking air

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2001 Buick Lesarbra 3.8 Got a P0102 code from scanner. Car running a little rough but ok. Sounds like it is sucking air or needs more air. No vacummu leaks that I can find. Air filter was nasty dirty. Looking at maybe Mass Air Flow sensor or dirty Throttle plate, maybe Ca. Converter stopped up?? Sort of lost as to where to start looking.
it's a good idea to clean the throttle, but a dirty plate doesn't set this code. if you have no vacuum leaks, the maf sensor should be replaced.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
WHat should I use to clean plate? (I was told not to use Carb cleaner) Can I test MAF sensor with volt meter? Which wire? Was should the readings be?

intake system cleaner is good for the plate.

the mass air flow test can vary because it could be ok while the Car is not running, and once driving the sensor resistance can change and the code would be stored for the fault. it's tested by using a scanner at key on engine off, then at idle then at high rpm and the out put should change when the gas pedal is pressed. But again. you can get good results and still have the code.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Could a bad Can Converter be the problem to? I can put a new MAF sensor in but would hate it if it was something else. Or would my cscanner have a diff code for that?

faulty catalytic converter doesn't cause this code.

don't replace the sensor yet. if you replaced the air filter and cleaned the filter housing real well, reset the code and re drive the code may not return. if it does then replace the sensor. Dirt or plugged air filter will cause this code to set.


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