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2000 Buick LeSabre: Ignition Control Module..Wont turn

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I just installed Ignition Control Module in 2000 Buick LeSabre. Won't turn over at all now. Do I need to program the new module or reset something? Old ICM was not delivering power to the 3/6 coil, that is why I replaced it.

Greetings and Welcome to Just answer.

I will do my best to assist you. When you are finished please click on accept only if you are satisfied. I don't get paid unless you do.Please do not accept if you cannot leave positive feedback. I don't know if you are a tech or a just working on your own vehicle so we may have to fine tune the answer. I only know as much about your problem as you have told me in your post, so my answers will be based on what you tell me so please add all the details you can.

The ICM does not require programming. It is a plug and play. Did you connect the ground under the module?

Is there a click at the starter when you try to start?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did not notice a ground under the module. I just reconnected the 3 inch wide multi wire connector to the ICM. When I turn the key the starter seems to turn the engine but I don't think my spark plugs are firing

ok, it may be that the crank sensor has failed. It is more common for failing than the module. Take the connector off at the harmonic balancer and clean it out.

See if the car will start then.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This was the condition before I replaced the ICM... Engine was running and car was drivable, but running rough. I got spark on plugs 1,2,4,5, but not 3 and 6. I replaced the 3/6 coil, but got same result. So, I figured to replace the ICM. This was also the suggestion of a local car mechanic shop who did some diagnostics, but they wanted $1,000 to simply replace the ICM and 3 coils. So just after replacing the ICM is when I got no crank. I can try to clean out the crank sensor if you still think so, but I got the car to at least run on the old ICM (just not sparks on 3 and 6)

OK, if the car runs on the old ICM, then you have a faulty ICM. Take it back.

Also, to avoid confusion, cranking is when the engine is turning with the starter, and yours is cranking, but it will not start.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the correction on the crank. Yes it cranks, no start. Let me go try to put the old back and see if it starts. If that works, then you are definately right on the bad ICM. If I have same results, then I am ??? again. Be right back.

Lets see with the old ICM. Let me know, I will be on for a time yet tonight.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Old ICM in... crank and start, yet rough, just like the beginning. So, I think I really need a new ICM, cause still not getting spark through the 3/6 whether or not I use the old one or the new one I bought. But I agree with you that the new ICM is the bigger problem as I can't get any start at all. I did notice that the 3 inch connector seems a little bit loose on the new ICM as opposed to the old. So make the contacts aren't manufactured quite right. hmmmm


Do you think trying your other crank sensor trick could possibly correct the 3/6 coil problem, or were you thinking that as a way to get the engine to start at all?

For now, correct the ICM issue and forget the sensor. If the sensor runs the old ICM then it is ok.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK Thanks for the help. I will accept your answer and help. Cheers

You can reply at any time for follow up information regarding this issue, even after you accept my answer and I will reply.

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