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2004 buick lesabre: heated steering wheel went..vent

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The heated seats on my 2004 Buick LaSabre stopped working, I checked the fuses, replaced both, no results. Now the radio control lights on my steering wheel went out and also the back light on my HVAC unit. The unit workes but no lights for heater, vent or bilevel ect.
Hello,do the steering wheel buttons still work but just the lighting is out?Did these lights all go out at the same time or different times?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The illumination of the two inner controls are out. The all the controls work.

The two outer controls illumination, seek and volume are working the two inner controls band/scan and source/mute are not illuminated.

ok,you may have multiple components failing here as these arent related.First with the heated seats,GM has an updated heated seat kit that comes with new heated seat elements that attach to the seat cushion bottom and seat back,the one in your car now are one piece elements,the new kit is several pieces,also there is a bulletin out to replace the heated seat control module(the module is located under the seat bolted to the bottom of the seat frame)this is an updated control module that corrects the heated seats when they do not work.As for the lights i have seen this before,even though the switches on the steering wheel work the led illumination bulb most likely has burned out,this is common and to correct this the switches themselves need replaced,the switches just pop out of the steering wheel using a flat bladed tool(very carefully as to not damage the steering wheel),also the light in the heater controller has most likely burned out as well,this cant be replaced seperately it has to be replaced as an entire unit to fix this concern.Most likely these are the failures for this vehicle for these problems,you can also check the power feed from the battery to the under hood fuse box,sometimes this power cable loosens up and can cause these failures as well.I hope this info helped,if you need anything else let me know,if you feel satisfied please click the accept answer button as this is how i get paid,Thanks Pete
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Is any of the heated seat problem covered by any unwritten warrenty? Where is the kit for the new heated seats available, dealer or aftermarket? Do the seats have to be removed and cushions taken apart?

the heated seat kit is covered under warramty if the vehicle is still under warranty but yours is out by looking at the year of the vehicle so it would end up being at your cost to fix it.The kit is available from GM dealers,they have the info on the technical service bulletins with the part numbers for each vehicle.The seats dont have to be removed,just the covering taken off and then the old elements removed frm the cushion and the new elements installed,it is recommended to remove and dissasemble the seats but ive done it inside the vehicle by just partially removing the covers.You may want to have this fully tested by a dealer first to make sure this is the failure as it could be either the elements on the seat or the heated seat control modules,there is Bulletins out for each failure,i try to do both at the same time to cover the heated seat issue completely and install the latest parts.I hope this info helped,if you feel satisfied please click the accept answer button as this is how i get paid,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete