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1994 Buick LeSabre: same metal/paint the second owner

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RE: a 1994 Buick LeSabre that seems to have the same metal/paint problems as every other. Even though it is 2009 my car has had this problem for several years but no one knows if GM ever did anything to compensate owners. I'm the second owner as far as I know and this problem has persisted and is getting worse. I had the hood repainted once and it has started peeling again. I love my car. It has 151,00+ miles. Can or will GM do anything about the rumored bad metal used that year that has caused this problem?

Welcome to just answer. This is what you need to do is take it back to the Body shop that did this under warranty and tell them and give them this info so they can repaint the vehicle parts that need to be painted ok

File In Section: 10 - Body

Bulletin No.: 63-17-07B

Date: June, 1997


New Aftermarket Paint Specification (GM4901M) for Basecoat/Clearcoat
Paint Systems (Rigid Exterior Surfaces)


1993-97 Passenger Cars and Trucks


This bulletin is being revised to provide additional information on approved paint systems (Attachment 1 added). Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 63-17-07A (Section 10 - Body).

A vehicle's appearance is important to any customer's perception of that vehicle's quality and value. Furthermore, when an exterior finish repair is made, the customer expects that repair to match the showroom finish.

Based upon rigorous and exhaustive testing, General Motors has established an aftermarket refinish paint specification, known as GM4901M, which is listed in the GM Engineering Specifications Manual. Use this specification when selecting a paint system for General Motors vehicle warranty paint repairs. All major paint suppliers are involved and support this program.

The booklet enclosed with Corporate Bulletin # XXXXX "GM Approved Refinish Materials", P/N GM4901 M-D, identifies the paint systems you may use. All approved products (including VOC-compliant) are listed in the "system" approach recommended by the individual manufacturer. This booklet will be updated periodically to ensure you are provided with the latest information on paint systems. GM and Paint Supplier training services encompass this new specification and can address any questions.

All materials listed in the booklet fall under the current materials allowance. However, this may change as costs increase.

With this program, it is our goal to ensure quality repairs. After all, skilled technicians using the right materials offer the only path to true customer enthusiasm. By adhering to the GM4901M Specification for Aftermarket Paint Repair Materials, you will ensure our customers only receive the best while maximizing your quality throughout on exterior finish repairs.

When a meeting or training session is held in your area, be sure your team is represented. We look forward to your support for this program.

Additional Information

In the development of this paint specification, major paint suppliers were invited to submit materials for approval. The requirements of the program are included in the approved materials booklet referenced above, dated December, 1996.

Important: As of 7-1-97, the BASF products listed on Attachment 1 are now approved for use.


The approved suppliers are:

^Akzo Nobel (Sikkens)


^American Standox






^ICI Autocolor


^Martin Senour




^Sherwin Williams


^Spies Hecker


Your Zone wholesale personnel, Training Centers, STG Field Service Engineers, and the approved suppliers have additional training materials that may answer your further questions.

Use of these GM approved materials ensures the highest quality for maintaining customer satisfaction. The dealer or retailer must ensure that all refinish materials, including sublets, meet GM Specification GM4901-M. Use of materials (and associated application methods) that do not meet this GM standard may result in a review of claim(s) leading to chargeback(s), as specified in the Policies and Procedures manual, Article 1.4.17.

The standards will be updated periodically and other suppliers may be added when new standards are released by the fall of 1997.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If I am the second owner of the car and have no paperwork to support anything except my purchase of the car, which was from an individual, and the car is now at this age, how would I go about getting anyone to do the work? Would a local GM dealership be able to do this for me or would I have to go to an individual body shop?
Well you need to go to gm and specifically talk to the gm representative in your location. Then you need to be adamate about it. And just tell him that the problem has not been fixed properlyand you know there is a bulletin on it.
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