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1994 Buick: water pump..I have to pull the motor mount

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I'm trying to replace the water pump on a 1994 Buick Park Ave. Do I have to pull the motor mount out to replace it? If not what are the procedures to get it out?

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.


Yes, you will have to raise the engine up some. I use a jack with a block of wood on the front of the oil pan.


Let me give you the steps for thewater pump as well as the engine mount.







  • Disconnect battery ground cable and drain cooling system.
  • Remove drive belts and disconnect radiator hoses and heater hoses from pump.
  • Remove water pump pulley attaching bolts, Fig. 28. The long bolt is accessed through hole in body side rail. Remove pump pulley.
  • Remove water pump attaching bolts and the water pump.
  • Torque Axis mount.
  • Reverse procedure to install.




    Tools Required:

    • J28467-A Engine Support Fixture
    • J38854 Lifting Bracket

    Remove or Disconnect

    1. Negative battery cable.
    2. Using engine support fixture J 28467-A and lifting bracket J 38854, raise engine slightly to take weight off engine mounts.
    3. Accessory drive belt(s).






  • The through bolt from the "Torque Axis" (front) engine mount.
  • Lift engine with support fixture until the power steering reservoir touches strut tower cross brace.






  • Loosen bottom two bottom bolts on "Torque Axis" (front) engine mount.
  • A/C line clip and top two bolts on "Torque Axis" (front) engine mount and remove mount.







    1. Two bolts and nut attaching "Torque Axis" engine mount bracket assembly to front of engine.

    Install or Connect

    1. Attach "Torque Axis" engine mount bracket assembly to front of engine using two bolts and nut.
    2. Replace two upper bolts previously removed from "Torque Axis" (front) engine mount, and attach mount and plastic clip for air conditioning lines.
    3. Tighten two lower bolts that werepreviously loosened on "Torque Axis" (front) engine mount.
    4. Adjust engine height to align mount with mount bracket.
    5. Insert the through bolt, attach retaining nut and torque to specifications.
    6. Accessory drive belt(s).
    7. Remove engine support fixture.
    8. Negative battery cable.


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