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94 lesabre: cigarette lighter..ashtray..engine compartment controls

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Hello. The cigarette lighter in my 94 lesabre is not working, and neither is the ashtray light. I was wondering if anyone knew which fuse in the engine compartment controls the lighter. The stickers are still on the fuse blocks, but the descriptions are too vague. Also, the a/c system only blows out at the windshield and the floor. Is that actuator on the same circuit as the lighter? Everything else in the car works fine- fan speed controller works, temp controller works, and a/c blows cold, turns on and off. The climate control unit is "new" from a junkyard, behaves just like the original.


The lighter fuse will say "lighter",if you are unsure test all the fuses with a 12 volt test lamp.The lamp should show voltage on both sides of the fuse if it is good.

Your ac problem is most likely a vacuum leak.Check under the hood for vacuum supply going to the passenger side of the vehicle.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
this car is a 94, not an 84. The actuators are electronically controlled, and there are only about 20 fuses in the engine compartment, all of very high amperage, minimum 20 amps, that that control a lot more per circuit than in the old days. Not a single one says "lighter". As I said, the descriptions are too vague to determine which one covers the lighter. There are also about 10 unlabeled relays under the fuse strips. This is not my dad's buss fuse buick.

The INTERIOR fuse block is the fuse block that will have your lighter fuse.It is under the dash or on the ends of the dash carrier.

Check for voltage at the mode door actuator,while moving the ac controls.It should be on the drivers side,under the dash.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK,have a good day.