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Vladgmru, Automotive Electrician
Category: Buick
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Experience:  I've been working with American made cars since 1992.
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This Buick LeSabre 1998 wont start and wont turn over or

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This Buick LeSabre 1998 won't start and won't turn over or crank at all. When I leave the key on the Lights lite on dash are engine icon, volts, and temp.I tried hooking up an OBD II Scanner with key in Accessory position it counted down and read an error message bad connection/connection not made no data. When I turn the key to start the car all I get is a clicking noise under dash board on passenger side of car. Why WON'T it START? (and/or) What is the NOISE UNDER DASH on passenger side of car?
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My name is Vladimir.
I have some questions, please reply in this thread:
1) Does your ignition key has a resistor pellet ( see the picture below)?
2) Does the security indicator stay On for more than 5 seconds after turning the ignition key ON?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
1)My key does have a resistor pellet.

2)My security indicator doesn't(DOES NOT)stay on for more than 5    seconds after turning the ignition key ON.
Your reply makes me thinking that it is not an anti-theft issue.
You will need a test light in order to check for power on the thin Purple wire to the starter solenoid while somebody turns the key into the START.
If you get power on this wire when the ignition switch is in the START position but the starter does not engage, your starter is faulty and has to be replaced.
If you do not get power on this wire, you need to find the starter enable relay (

under the left side of the IP, above the IP fuse block) and make some testing on its circuits. Let me know your results an we will continue troubleshooting this problem.

Use this wiring diagram:


Vladgmru and other Buick Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
<p>I don't think it's the starter Because # XXXXX There is no movement under the hood at all.</p><p >                                                         # 2. Starter is relatively new(less then 20,000 miles)</p><p> </p><p>Where exactly is the <strong><u>Starter Enable Rely</u></strong> and How do you get to it?</p>
This relay is behind the instrument panel (under the left side of the IP, above the IP fuse block). Seems to be a hard to reach place.
I have checked the service manual and it says it is necessary to remove the instrument panel assy in order to replace the relay.
You should verify that there is no power to the starter solenoid prior to any additional work.
Your security lamp operation says that the theft system is OK and I doubt that this relay could fail.
Let me know about your findings.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay I'll first test the solenoid prior to doing anything else to test the starter. I'll probably get back to you guys later in the day. I'm on Eastern Standard Time and I have a few appointments today. Hope to resolve this issue in the next day or so.
Sounds good.
I am from another country and my time zone is GMT +3:00 .
Have a good day and see you later.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir I'm still presently working on the problem and trying to carry on other normal scheduled routines. Please give me an idea of how the price structure works for your assistance. I will be back in touch with you later today. Thank You!
Sorry, what do you mean by saying this "Please give me an idea of how the price structure works for your assistance"?
Do you want to know how I get paid for my work ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir I want to know what you think would be a fare dollar value once I get my car running. So in a word, YES! I'm still on my own work day check back with you later. Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX America...
I suppose you meant fair , not fare ?
Anyway, you do not have to worry, I get paid at the moment you press the "accept" button. You should not press this button till you are satisfied with my assistance.
The value you chose for your question is OK.
We can go back and forth regardless of accepting or not and can do it any time you want.
Each time you reply in this thread, I get informed about it by E-mail.
I am going to sleep right now, see you later.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir I'll speak to you when you wake up and I also wake up to a new day. I'll be going to sleep also but in a few hours when you might be waking. I haven't got her running yet but all good things take time. By the way You are right I meant to spell fair not fare,good catch! When you read this have a good morning. I'll talk to you later in the day with some questions??? M
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir I checked under the hood. Didn't have time to do it till this morning for many reasons. Results the solenoid purple wire was all greasy but I think I knew which wire terminal was the Battery, the Start Switch and the Stater connection. However why guess when you can test. It lite up when the key was turned and I tried all the terminals with and without the turning of the key and they all lite up one way or the other. Yesterday I eliminated the relay because I already had the dash board apart fom testing the fuses. So that was a 1-2-3 JOB. Todays job was long because I had to jack it up place it on Jack-Stands. Make sure it was SAFE. Remove a skirt from the under carriage of the vehicle which extented from the bumper back to the oil pan. All on my back like a teenager working on his Hotrod. So at this point in time what is your professional advice. M   
Thanks for the detailed reply.
As I understand you, you have verified that one of the starter wires(guess it was thick black) is hot at all times while another one( I suppose it was a Purple one) gets power at the moment you turn the key into the start position.
If all the above is correct and your test light was connected to a good engine ground during you checks, your starter is undoubtedly faulty and has to be replaced.
It has to engage when it gets "juice" on the "S" terminal ( purple wire) and then turn over the engine.
You have done a good job and I am so glad it is not a security issue because it is a quite complicated system to troubleshoot it via the internet.
Let me know if I got you correctly.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir,Your probably going to end your day soon and I won't complete this today either. I have appointments today early evening and have to get the part also. I'll try getting it tomorrow morning before my afternoon appointments and speck to you possible early in the morning my time or sometime before I do the intall. Have a Good Night. M
Ok, sounds good.
Do not forget to disconnect the negative battery cable during the starter replacement.
By the way, you can try to strike/hit the starter with a rod or hammer and that may bring it back to life. At least you would be able to move you vehicle to a hoist ( if you have such an opportunity).
Have a great day and see you tomorrow.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir, Just finished putting my dash board back together. Had some breakfest and spent some time in the word of GOD. Thought I'd touch base with you to mention I have 2 appointments early this afternoon.I must have STARTED MY CAR CLOSE TO 10 TIMES THIS MONING. M
Why did you remove the dash board?
Have you replaced the starter? If not, have you tried to hit the starter?
Actually, I did not understand you last replySmile could you rephrase it in a simple English?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I had the dash borad apart from the other day when I was checking fuses prior to contacting you. Thats why it was easier for me to check the relays first. Because the dash was already apart. I did hit
the starter last night after you told me to. The CAR started right up. As of yet I didn't take the starter out. I started pricing them presently. That was last night I pulled the car into the driveway while I was cleaning up. I must have turn the car of and on about 10 times between Yesterday Evening ang this Morning. Sincerely,M
Ok, now I got it.
I am happy to hear that we have finally found the problem.
It has been a real pleasure to work and talk with you.
Lete me know if you need more assistance.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vlad,How difficult is it to rebuild a starter? 1.)In your opinion and from your experience. 2.)Where can you get the insides(guts)of the starter. (Last night I was googling Starter repair kits and I think I got something but it doesn't open till pacific time and they didn't due on-line orders.) M
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir, It seems the problem here is the starter in my 1998 Buick LeSabre. My question to you is in your expert opinion. How difficult is it to Rebuild a Starter? Thank You,Customer
It is not a difficult work to overhaul a starter if you are handy with repairs and have the necessary parts.
I have no idea where these insides could be purchased.
Here, we have special shops that rebuild only starters and alternators ( any year, any make). Seems they know where to buy such stuff.
Maybe you have similar shops in the USA?
If you do not find spare parts, you can always purchase a whole unit.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir, It's almost time for you to go to sleep I think we wrapped this problem up. I'm going to try to rebuild the starter after I bench test it and clean it up a little if I can Find PARTS. I've fixed washers,dryers, central air conditioning units. I'll take on anything with the right mentors or texts. I know you've helped me with this one and I'm just about ready to hit Accept. But I have One (1) last question and it has nothimg to do with the starter. The ABS light has been on for a while. Then it went out, then came on again!!!!! ANY QUICK IDEAS....Thank You and It Has Been My Pleasure Communicating with You.Customer
Thank you very much for the "accept" and bonus. I am very grateful for this.
Undoubtedly you will be able to rebuild the starter as fast as you get necessary components.
Regarding the ABS issue.
This system is supposed to be diagnosed with a scan tool. Any failure within the system should set a trouble code. Not all scan tools are able to retrieve trouble codes from the ABS control module, so you may need to find somebody with a TECH 2 scan tool.
The most probable problem in the ABS system is a wheel speed sensor failure. There are four sensors in your vehicle. It could also be a wiring issue or even a faulty brake pressure modulator valve assy (hydraulic unit).
Without knowing trouble codes # XXXXX can just check the sensors resistance.
I will supply the wiring diagram and connector pinout. Disconnect the ABS module connector, use a digital multimeter and check the wheel speed sensors resistance at the ABS controller connector terminals. A WSS resistance should be in range of(NNN) NNN-NNNNohms, if it is not, check wiring to the suspected sensor and if wiring is OK, replace the sensor.
Click HERE for the connector pinout.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Vladimir,Don't have anything for now. Just wanted to ask the ABS question because it was a last minute thought. I've lived with it for a while and it passed inspection last month with the light ON. I've already left you a review when I pressed Accept. I did read your next e-mail and I will follow the link and write another. I also will request you in the future for any and all of my Buick needs. I've opened a File on all of our conversations and correspondence. I like to keep hard copies of all of my records. These transactions have to be important for me to do this or because I need to refer back to them. Needless to say your employee's should be thankful for your services as I am because I'm saving the Hard Copies on File under Just Peace Be With You, MARK 10:27
I have already seen the feedback you left for me, thanks.
It is very flattering to receive such warm and praising words, especially from somebody from another part of the world.
You are always welcome.
Have a great weekend,