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Why does my 2000 Buick Park Avenue shimmy and shake between

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Why does my 2000 Buick Park Avenue shimmy and shake between 45 and 50 mph on acceleration? We've replaced a bad motor mount, tie rod ends, tires and wheels, front bearings and done repeated alignments and balancing. The car's motor is great, and we'd like to keep it, but I am afraid when it shakes so!
Hello,is your check engine light on at all?Have you had your car scanned for codes at all?Has a dealer examined this car at all?Is it the steering wheel that shakes when this happens or is it the whole car?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The check engine light is not on at all. The car has been scanned for codes. It has not been examined by a dealer, but City Garage has been working on it a lot. The whole car shakes, not just the steering wheel. Thanks.
ok one of the most common failures is either an engine misfire can cause this to happen under a load(usually the best time to feel this is at the speeds you have described)or the torque converter clutch or pressure control solenoid in the transmission are failing,both of these are common and can cause shaking of the vehicle at these speeds.This would have to be observed using a scan tool while driving at these speeds.The TCC(torque converter clutch) can be observed with a scan tool while driving to see if its turning off an don rapidly or if the slip speed is fluctuating.The pressure control solenoid in the trans can cause the TCC to fail like this also.Thes would be two components I would have the shop you are taking this to examine for failures.I hope this info helped,Thanks Pete
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