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I have a 1996 Buick Park Avenue. Interior lights will not

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I have a 1996 Buick Park Avenue. Interior lights will not go off when engine is shut-off. Had to pull fuse to keep battery from going dead. This killed power to the power seat as well. Fault does not appear to be due to dashboard controls. Has to be a module/relay somewhere. What is it called and where is it? Can't find any reference to such a control at any online gm parts supplier or auto parts company. Need to know if it can be done by shadetree. Don't want to have to pull dash but otherwise am very handy. Also need part no. and approximate cost of part. Does not have to be exact. Thanks, Stan

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.



Voltage is applied at all times through I/P Fuse Block CTSY/PWR MIR Fuse to the Body Control Module (MALL). When a door is opened or the Interior Lamp Control is operated, the MALL Module provides a ground path to the Courtesy Lamps. The Courtesy Lamps, which includes the Rail and Warning Lamps (if equipped), then light. After the closing of all doors, the MALL Module will provide the Interior with a ground for about 25 seconds, provided no other inputs are received.




The data base doesn't show the part number for it. You will normally have to go by the numbers on it and you will need to get it from GM.



File in Section: 8 - Chassis/Body Electrical

Bulletin No: 53-83-21

Date: October, 1995


Section 8C - Procedures for Multi-Function Alarm, Lock and Lighting (MALL) Module, Perimeter Lighting Relay, Remote Function Actuator (RFA) Module and Multi-Function Chime Control Module (w/Y67)


1996 Buick LeSabre, Park Avenue
1996 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight, Ninety Eight
1996 Pontiac Bonneville


Please insert the following procedures in Section 80 of the Service Manual.

Multi-Function Alarm, Lock And Lighting (Mall) Module





Refer to Figure 1)
Remove or Disconnect


1.Right lower I/P insulator, (2) screws, (1) light bulb.
2.Electrical connector(s).
3.MALL module from multi-use bracket. Press down on center tab of mounting bracket and slide module downward until mounting rails disengage.


Install or Connect

1.MALL module to multi-use bracket.


^Align mounting rails on module with mounting bracket rails.
^Slide module forward into place until locking tab engages.


2.Electrical connector(s).
3.Right lower I/P insulator.


Perimeter Lighting Relay

(Refer to Figure 1)
Remove or Disconnect


1.Right lower I/P insulator, (2) screws, (1) light bulb.
2.Electrical connector(s).
3.Slide perimeter lighting relay from multi-use bracket.


Install or Connect:

1.Slide relay onto bracket.
2.Right lower I/P insulator, (2) screws, (1) light bulb.
3.Electrical connector(s).


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do I have to take the dash out to fix it? Or is it on the passenger side under the dash? I am not worried about any problem with getting the cover out under the dash just with getting the whole dash out.