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I have a 1989 60 hp Evinrude motor outboard. My problem is I

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Good morning Pearl, I have a 1989 60 hp Evinrude motor outboard. My problem is I cannot get it to idle smoothly. When we give it gas it bogs out we changed the gas filter and we changed the thermostat, that did not work. What do you think it could be thanks Bill
JA: Sometimes boat issues seem like they'll be really complicated, but end up being easy to fix. The Marine Mechanic I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. Is there anything else important you think the Marine Mechanic should know?
Customer: No I think that's everything for now.

Hi Bill, good morning my name is***** you have an actual model number on the outboard? What is the history on this outboard, have you ever personally seen it run correctly?

It looks like you read my initial reply and left without responding back. Did you still need or want help with this?

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
we have had the motor working perfectly last summer, we put it in the water in September of this year and that's when the problem started. My model number is *****
Customer: replied 27 days ago.
No call right now, let's first keep on typing

Got it. I don't know what you have for outboard knowledge or tools in general. Did you have any specific questions that you wanted me to answer, or would you prefer if I explain how we would approach this and troubleshoot it in the shop?

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
Let me know how you would troubleshoot the problem in your shop. You did see my original questions plus the follow ups I have written to you so you know what I am asking. If so let's troubleshoot this how you would troubleshoot it in your shop. I am not a mechanic but I have some knowledge and ability to fix this on my own if it's not too complicated. I do have some tools.

T​he idling and the bogging may or may not be related, so you have to treat them as different problems until otherwise.

1. As simple as this sounds you always start by running it off of a different fuel tank, like a small plastic portable tank. Half the time there isn't anything wrong the motor itself, but rather something wrong with the boats fuel system. This can be a pinched or collapsing fuel line, bad or old gas, or a bad anti siphon valve. Marine engines are very sensitive as to the quality of the fuel, and if any part of it is over 90 days, the fuel itself is always going to be suspect. This is a pass or fail test, and the engine is either going to run better or it is not. If it does run better, on this portable tank, first change the anti siphon valve and retest with the engine hooked back up to the boats fuel tank. If it goes back to running poor on the boats fuel tank, that tank will need to be pumped out. Bad anti siphon valves are a common problem, when they go back they create a blockage and restrict the amount of fuel that flows to the engine. If the engine does not get enough fuel it obviously will not make full power. Click this link, this explains more on the anti siphon valve and why they go bad. On this anti siphon valve there is an inlet side and an outlet side. The inlet side faces the fuel tank, the outlet side faces the fuel line. When the engine runs, the fuel pump creates suction. This suction pulls the check ball off of it's seat and fuel is allowed to flow around it. The problem with this is over time the spring in the valve will get weak or simply break. When that happens the check ball will be free to jump to the outlet side of the valve and create a blockage/restriction on the outlet side of the valve. If the spring is simply weak and not broken, this will more or less happen at random. Click this link for a picture, it will make more sense once you see it Http:// The anti siphon valve itself is located at the fuel tank, where the fuel line connects. If you pull the fuel line off the tank you will see a hose barb, that hose barb is the anti siphon valve.

2. If no change, then compression testing the engine is next. Your results need be about 80 psi or better on that engine, all cylinders should be within 10-15% of eachother. If you get below 80, then the engine is worn out or has stuck piston rings. You might as well stop your troubleshooting here, as there is nothing you can do to an engine with low compression to make it run better. From there you would decarbonize the engine by running a product like Seafoam through it and then re-testing the compression and see if it comes back up or not.

3. Spark test Get a timing light and run the engine and hook the timing light up to each plug wire one at a time and see if the timing light flashes or not. Flash means the engine is sparking when running, no flash means no spark. Again this is a pass or fail test. If there is no spark on an cylinder, change the plugs first and see what happens. If spark does not return, swap a firing coil for a non firing coil, and see if the problem follows the coil or not. If it does, there is a bad coil. If the lack of spark stays on the same cylidner, there is a bad powerpack.

4. Hook up a fuel pressure gauge between the pump and carb, measure fuel pressure with the boat going as fast as it can. Pressure needs to be at least 3 psi. If it's low, the fuel pump is weak. Make sure you do this after you do #1. If that anti siphon valve is bad that will cause low fuel pressure because the fuel pump would be struggling to pull through that restriction/blockage that a bad anti siphon valve creates.

5. Lastly, if you do all of the above steps and still do not get any kind of result, the problem is going to be in the carb. They are either dirty on the inside, or one of them has a sticking float not allowing fuel into the engine. in any event if you get to this point the carb would need to come off and be rebuilt.

If you are looking to do some of this yourself but do not have the tools, places like autozone will give you free rentals on the tools. You basically pop a deposit down on a credit card, borrow the tools, and if you return them in 1 piece they give you the deposit back. The last thing is when you troubleshoot you specifically want to do it in this order. If you jump around you will miss things or make mistakes. This is the most time effective way to figure out what exactly is wrong with the engine without wasting time or spending money on parts you do not necessarily need. Does that all make sense. I do want to make sure you are happy with my service before you go. If you had a further question on the issue by all means feel free to ask. If not, Just in case you do not understand the way the website works (and some folks do not). You do have to put forth a positive rating in order for it to credit me for helping you. When ratings are not done, the website simply keeps your deposit and they will not credit me. The ratings box is located at the top of the screen. To rate, you must select the star you wish and also confirm it. Please let me know if you run into any problems or errors when trying to do it. If you do have a problem, or if you can not see the ratings box which is at the top of the screen. Please reply back "I rate Jason's service _______" and fill in the blank.

Please note that our question sessions never close out, so if you need to come back later down the road with follow up questions to the issue, you can do so at any time, even after putting through a rating.

Thanks in advance, and good luck

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
On answer one: All these things are brand new, fuel line and the primer bulb, PowerPak, stator, thermostat, we also changed the fuel tank from another boat that was running fine.On answer four: The motor will run fine until it gets warms up, which leads me to believe it is the fuel pump. Where do I get the pressure gauge to check my fuel pump to see if I have 3 PSI after the pump.

I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you asking where to buy the actual gauge itself?

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
where do you think we can buy this, also with the information I have given you do you feel it could be the fuel pump.

It definitely could be the fuel pump. There is a small fuel line that runs between the pump and the engine block, this is called a pulser line. You can pull that pulser line off, pump the primer bulb, and see if any fuel comes out of that pulser line or not. The line should always be dry so if there fuel in there that would cause a problem. The gauge itself you can buy at any auto parts store. All you need is a low pressure fuel gauge. Click this link, this what you would need -

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
Thank you for letting me know where I can buy the gauge. Also I wanted to tell you that you were wonderful in answering all my questions with such detail and easy understanding. I am going to go out and check the fuel line now I will get back to you on how that works out for me I will talk to you soon.

You are very welcome and I was glad I could help. Please keep in mind that thanking does not pay me, only putting through a rating for my help is what pays me. (The website did charge you the full amount that you offered to speak with me but they will not pay me unless a rating is selected) The ratings box is located at the top of your screen, if you do not see it you might have to scroll up. If you still can not see it, or have a hard time when trying to select a rating for my help, please let me know and I will alert the moderators.
Thanks again and good luck!

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
I will definitely rate you with the highest rating they have. I definitely want you to be paid. I thought if I rated you that would stops my conversation with you and then I would have to pay again to finish up with my problem. I am not on a monthly contract just paying for the question. So I was going to wait untill I am totally done.

No no, our question "sessions" never close out. You can reply back tomorrow or a year from tomorrow even after doing the ratings.

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
Without being charged again to finish up with this problem. So you're saying I only pay the one time that I already paid for this one particular problem.
Customer: replied 27 days ago.
The only small fuel line is the one that is connected to all three carburetors, it goes to the other side of the motor and hooks up to a round cylinder that has a red knob on it and two wires, that's the only line coming from the pump. See pictures below

So you're saying I only pay the one time that I already paid for this one particular problem. ​

​That is correct. The only time it costs you extra is if you want to leave me a tip or if you want to upgrade to a phone call.

On the pulser line. There is going to be a short hose that runs from the fuel/VRO pump to the engine block. That is the one that you want to check and see if it was fuel in it.

Jason and 2 other Boat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 27 days ago.
I had to pull the VRO pump off to get to the gas line going to the block. It's bone dry. I pumped the primer bulb and no fuel comes out. I guess my next step is to get the pressure gauge and see where we go from there unless you have more suggestions. How do I hook up the gauge when I get it? When I have more questions will I be talking to you again or another mechanic? I will do your rating now which will be excellent.
Customer: replied 27 days ago.
Jason I just rated you with excellent and I will tip you when I am done with this problem.

How do I hook up the gauge when I get it? When I have more questions will I be talking to you again or another mechanic? I will do your rating now which will be excellent. ​

​All you would need to do Is splice in a T fitting between the fuel pump output and carb inlet. Then go run the boat at full speed. On this style pump you will not see a steady pressure reading, but instead the pump will burb fuel at short intervals (you would see that as pressure spikes on the gauge). You just want to see if there is good burps of pressure when the boat is running as fast as it can go. If you have more questions just reply back here like you have been, all your replies do come to me and you do not have to start over with another mechanic.

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
You mentioned to run the boat at full speed but the motor will not run. So how can I test this.

Just run the boat as fast as it will go. Another thing you can do is pump the primer bulb over and over to force fuel to the engine and see if it makes a difference or not.

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
Hi Jason, The problem still exist, the heads get very hot within two minutes, then stops running smoothly. Can the heat sensor affect the performance of the motor from running normally. Also we have changed the thermostat.

Yes definitely. Does your engine have a working alarm system on it? If your engine is overheating you should be getting an alarm.

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
The horn is not working at this time. So are you saying that the motor can bog out from overheating. If yes, what are the solutions that we need to look at to try to diagnose the over heating problem. Just so you know the water is shooting out of the small hose like it is supposed to.

. So are you saying that the motor can bog out from overheating

​Yes definitely. If your engine had a working alarm system on it then this would have been a lot easier. On any overheat situation you start by having the impeller and thermostat replaced.

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
Want to make sure that the impeller is the water pump?So are you saying that the two solutions that you just gave me could be the cause of the (motor boging down).

Correct, the impeller is part of the water pump. If the engine is overheating it's not going to make any power, it could even sieze up and blow the motor if it gets hot enough. So it definitely needs to be taken care of either way. If it's not you are going to have a very expensive boat anchor on your hands.

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
OK thanks for your knowledge we really appreciate it. We will get back to you in May since we will be leaving next week for Florida and will not have the time to test it.

You are very welcome.