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I am installing an EV-1 ACU-200 pilot in a 36ft steel sail

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I am installing an EV-1 ACU-200 pilot in a 36ft steel sail boat. I had intended to mount the EV-1 sensor in the cabin on the ceiling, centreline of the boat, approx., midships. However after reviewing the instructions several times I thought it might not be too wise to mount it inside the boat due to the magnetic fields in a steel constructed boat.
I therefore decided to mount it inverted on a round Delrin tubular puck about 2-1/2" allow for the spur cable.... which in turn is mounted beneath a protective aluminum plate. All this sits atop an aluminum pipe pedestal approx. 4ft above the transom.
Can you offer any comments on this idea or make any further suggestions.

Hello, I think your mounting idea will be fine. You could probably also go with your midships idea as the EV-1 is designed to reject most types of interference. That being said, the construction of the boat could amplify the EM waves created by the radar and radio wiring so your idea of an external mount is probably the more ideal installation. Do make sure to separate the wiring from the EV-1 as much as you can from radar and radio antenna wiring and if they have to venture close to one another, a little grounded foil shielding would be advisable. And, per the instructions, make sure that the unit is level when the boat is at rest.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
My install so far conforms for the most part to what you suggest except there is a distance where the EV-1 spur cable has close proximity to other wiring that I cannot avoid.
How would I sheild this?

A​s an extra measure of interference blocking you just need to wrap the wire in some type of foil and, if possible, ground the foil. You can use professional shielding foil (​) or simply use aluminum foil. If there is a bonding wire nearby you can splice a small wire to it and have it contact the foil. That reduces EM interference to it's lowest point.

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Alright. Thanks!