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Bert here again, gave you a 5 star rating. thank you. Can

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Hi Bert here again, gave you a 5 star rating. thank you. Can you recommend a web site I can look at to find a proper wire harness. Know I will have to likely count pins on connector and take a picture of what I have .

Hi Bert. I'm sorry but I really don't. When looking up hard parts for the engine, such as your every day wear and tear items, all of those items are in basic online parts catalogs that you could look at most anywhere. Thinks like harnesses are not in online parts catalogs. Instead they are in actual books called rigging guides. These rigging guides get sent out from the manufacture (In this case Suzuki) to whomever the builder of the boat is. The boat builder then goes through these guides and decides on which harness's they want to order. In 99.9% of cases, unless there is a defect, electrical parts are never returnable. What I would recommend is that you go to your local Suzuki dealer and even ask them if they have a rigging guide in the first place. It's possible that the dealer might not even have it if they are not the boat builder. At the same time, Suzuki might force the dealer to pay for the rigging guide, or they just might send them one in a digital copy. This is really something you would want to do with the dealer because the last thing you would want is to spend 5 or 6 hundred bucks on a harness only to find out it's not the right one, and not returnable. Unfortunately with boats it's not as simple as punching in a few numbers into a computer and figuring out what you need, it's all done the old fashion way through books, and in some cases even still microfiche (if you know what that is)

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I agree, lol. But we don't have a local dealer close by, lol. I guess I will do my best then. Thank you. I will call a dealer.

This kind of stuff is very complicated because it's figured out by the boat builder themselves. But definitely give a dealer a call first, or even a couple of them, and see if they have an actual copy of the rigging guide that they can send to you.