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Maxum scr2700 1992 Plexiglass window on the top cracked (I

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Maxum scr2700 1992
Plexiglass window on the top cracked (I don't know what they are called so this is the description : there are 2 windows that are the same (symmetrical). They are dark grey tinted and have a curve in them). What is the part number? What is it actually called? Where do I get a replacement?

H​ello, sorry for the delay. That part has been long discontinued and no original replacement is available. There are several plastics companies that will make a replacement for you, but the cost can be expensive. If you are handy another option is to purchase a piece of plastic in the proper tint from a source like Piedmont plastics, template it and cut it to size. then use a heat gun to carefully heat it till it starts to bend into place. There is a fairly big gap in the temperatures that lexan will bend and when it begins to bubble or melt through. If you are careful you can get it pretty soft and for it using a heat gun and gloves.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
If I wanted to search the Web or eBay and such places for either a used one or an after market part (before adventuring in to the creation of one), what would I search for (part number and or proper term)?Thanks you

The only "number" I could come up with was a 2700 SH (I think this was for Sun Hatch), even though it is more of a skylight. You could check with E Plastics, they do a lot of replacement work on this type of bent lexan windows and may have a mold in stock, they make to order but if they have done one for someone else they can save you a lot of money. And that boat is pretty popular so they may have something for you. I think the hatches were originally made by Aeromarine, but they have been out of business for quite some time.

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