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The make of the Engine as you can see is printed on the top

Customer Question

the make of the Engine as you can see is printed on the top of the plate that spins around with a pull of the rope. I do not see any other name on the engine so I guess the name is ***** ***** tecuncsek, please correct me as to the name. Also what type of gas should I use and the amount of oil to add. 1 other can the gas tank be cleaned out with any thing it appears there is no rust inside . Joe
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

Hi Joe, Jason here again.

The outboard was made by a company called Eska and they made it for Sears. Tecumseh is the name of the actual engine block. How it works is Eska purchased engines from Tecumseh, and Eska manufactured the rest of the outboard using a Tecumseh engine block, and then sold them to Sears. You can use regular 87 octane in the engine. The fuel oil mixture is 24 to 1. That works out to be a tad over 5 ounces of 2 stroke outboard oil for every gallon of gas. On cleaning the tank, if you don't see any rust in it, attempting to clean it might to more harm than good. If there is rust in it, that rust can be cleaned with oxyalic acid and water. After it is cleaned you can seal it with epoxy. Click this link, you would need an epoxy designed specifically for fuel tanks.

If you had any further questions by all means feel free to ask. If not, please select a rating for me at the top of your screen.

Thanks again,


Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

Hi Joe. I'm not sure if you understand the way the website works or not. You did sign of for a subscription, however, you do have to rate my answers in order for me to receive credit for helping you out. When a rating is not put through, I do not get paid. Doing a rating in no way changes how much you pay the website, it is only how I am compensated.

Thanks for understanding.