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I have a 2012 383 stroker remanufactured MerCruiser in my

Customer Question

Hi, I have a 2012 383 stroker remanufactured MerCruiser in my 2002 240 Sea Ray Sundancer. today after cruising for about 30 minutes at 3200 RPM we slowed to about 1000 RPM to turn around and head back. When I accelerated the engine it cut out at about 2000 RPM. I was able to restart it and when I try to accelerate again it cut out once again each time he cut out the island engine alarm sounded when I cut out close parentheses. Temperature was fine about 169. . I was able to go underway at about 1500 RPM without any problems but no faster. The tank was down to a quarter tank of fuel so I assumed it was a fuel issue perhaps some dirt in the fuel. I got to the gas dock and filled the tank up to the top. And then trying to accelerate to cruising speed again only for the engine to cut out again at about 2500 RPM. I was able to once again restart and head back to my home dock in about 1500 RPM. Once at the dock I put the boat in neutral and was able to rev the engine to about three or 4000 RPM without a problem. When I got over 4000 RPM the engine cut out again. This time after putting the engine back into neutral when I turn the key nothing happened. Is this a problem with the neutral switch or did a Fuse go?. So now I have two problems. I can't get it started at all (nothing happens no cranking no power from the key. Though the accessory store depth finder etc. And my second problem which was the original one of the engine not getting over 1500 RPM without cutting out. I had planned to change the fuel oil fuel water separator filter any other ideas .
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jason replied 11 months ago.

Hi Ken, Good morning my name is Jason.

I read what you wrote. Did you have any specific questions that you wanted me to answer, or did you want me to explain how we would approach this one in the shop?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you for responding. I am hoping that there is something simple I may have overlooked that I could check. Especially regarding the ignition switch being dead. If there's no simple things you can recommend I check first, then yes I would appreciate understanding how you would go through this in the shop. Thank you.

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