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50 HP Merc outboard driveshaft (long shaft) will not slide

Customer Question

50 HP Merc outboard driveshaft (long shaft) will not slide out ... Prop shaft removed and pinion nut removed ... Driveshaft rotates and will move up and down about 1/4 inch buy it will not slide out
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

Good morning, my name is ***** ***** am I speaking with?

All Mercurys are cataloged by serial number, can I start by getting that number.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jason .. My name is***** motor is a 50 HP ELPTO S/N 0T754548. The driveshaft P/N 45-822159T 1 and has 14 splines at the top of the shaft. The shaft sheared at the crankshaft spline but I was able to pull the stub out of the crankshaft with a small magnet so I didn't have to pull the powerhead. The prop shaft, gears and clutch dog look good. I've already removed the pinion gear nut without any problem. I've tried tugging and gently tapping the driveshaft up with a pipe wrench clamped on the shaft with no luck. I'm thinking of getting a heavy slide hammer connected to the pipe wrench so I can get better vertical force up the shaft but am not sure if this will cause damage or scoring of the shaft housing. I'm resolved that I will need to replace shaft bearing, seals and water pump base assembly. I was hoping the pinion bearing would be OK, but I think replacement of that bearing would also be prudent. What are your suggestions, especially with regards ***** ***** the driveshaft removed. Thanks, David
Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

Hi David,

Does the drive shaft turn or anything, or is it frozen?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The drive shaft rotates with ease in both directions. When I pull up on the drive shaft there is about 1/4 inch or so of up/down vertical movement but it won't move up any further. I tried to listen to the shaft movement and it sounds like it stops somewhere high up on the shaft (close to water pump base assembly). The prop took a hard hit in rocks at high rpm which caused the drive shaft to shear at the top (crankcase end) so I'm wondering if the shaft was bent inside the housing causing everything to bind inside. If that's the case, then do I just wail on it with a heavy duty slide hammer? I've also ordered a small screw jack that should be here tomorrow that will fit into the prop shaft housing and I'm going to try to gently jack the drive shaft up from the pinion gear end before I go down the wailing slide hammer route. Is there anything else that I have not removed that would be causing this drive shaft to not slide up and out?
Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

There is no other hardware holding it in place. Once you have the pinion nut off, and pop the pinon off, the shaft should pull up and out. The problem is going to be either a bend/twisted shaft, or the bearing for it failed and is pinching it in place. All you can do is wail on it with a slide hammer until it comes out.

Did you have any further questions on the issue?

Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

I do want to make sure you are happy with my service before you go. If you had a further question on the issue by all means feel free to ask. If not, Just in case you do not understand the way the website works (and some folks do not). You do have to put forth a positive rating in order for it to credit me for helping you. When ratings are not done, the website simply keeps your deposit and they will not credit me. The ratings box is located at the top of the screen. To rate, you must select the star you wish and also confirm it. Please let me know if you run into any problems or errors when trying to do it. If you do have a problem, or if you can not see the ratings box which is at the top of the screen. Please reply back "I rate Jason's service _______" and fill in the blank.

Questions do not close out, so if you have to come back later on with follow up questions to the issue you still can even after doing a rating.

Thank you

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'll make a deal with you. I'll let you know tomorrow if I was satisfied, but I also don't want to screw you out of your money now that I know how this works. Just want to circle back with you. I'm guessing you guys get stiffed alot by people to whom you've provided advice ... I'm not a big fan of people stiffing innocent people out of money. I'll talk to you tomorrow after I start wailing just to make sure I don't have any other questions on the driveshaft removal. Are you good with that?
Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

Of course, that's no problem at all.

(I'm guessing you guys get stiffed alot by people to whom you've provided advice ) - Yes that does happen :(

Please let me know you make out either way. Thanks again and good luck!


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Jason... And I promise you I won't be stiffing you!!! ... D
Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

You are very welcome.

Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

Hi David, how did you make out?