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I've got a 3.0L mercruiser in my 05 searay. It has performed

Customer Question

I've got a 3.0L mercruiser in my 05 searay. It has performed great. Today i was running the engine to heat up the oil (with the mufflers on) for an oil change. All of a sudden i hear the overheating alarm going on. I kill the engine and it sputters/bounces around for a bit and then turns off. I check the the drain lines to see if theres water in there and there is not. So engine overheated. No water in manifold. I replace thermostat and start engine but now I'm watching the temperature, which is rising. after running for a bit I kill the engine (again-w/ some sputtering) and check the hoses for water. this time water comes out of one hose, but not the other. I start the engine with both hoses off to see if water will start spewing from them into my bilge and no water comes out. kill the engine and it stops (no sputtering). FWIW the impeller was changed last summer and I've put probably 25 hours on it since the impeller change. any clues???
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jason replied 1 year ago.

Hi Dave good morning my name is Jason.

With any overheat you would start by inspecting/replacing the impeller. Did you install the last one yourself, or did a shop do it for you?