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I have a Johnson 1981 4.5hp outboard motor. I need help on

Customer Question

I have a Johnson 1981 4.5hp outboard motor. I need help on Starter Rewind with install a new rewind spring. Problem is how retainer spring (part #321-371)*connects to the starter
rewind spring(part#312-932)*. I have all parts like new , and new Rewind spring and retain spring. My boat mechanic wants me to buy a complete Rewind Start unit Assembly complete (392-620)..
Please let me know if anyone might have complete Assembly, tele# ***** or video on the install. my motor #model J5RHCIC, and motor practically in new condition. ***@******.*** tele #***-***-****. I have appt. with local largest boat repair in Yakima Wa. Monday, 5/23/16 (ValleyMarine) FruitvaleBlvd/Yakima98902.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jeff G. replied 1 year ago.
I don't have a video of the install but can give you instructions.Lightly coat the cup of the starter with grease. The part with sides that attaches to the engineHold the pulley with the pin side up.The retainer's hook end goes over the pin so the convex side is to the right when held with the pin in a 7 o clock position. Just like a comma.Now hook the end of the spring over the pin, inside the retainer.Insert the pulley into the cup. The spring will hang out of the slots in the cup.Put the shoulder screw through the pulley and cup and attach a nut temporarily.Turn the pulley clockwise until the tail of the spring is locked into place with the spring all the way in.Release tension on the pulley and spring.Remove the screw and install the gear assembly.Once the gear is installed reinstall the shoulder screw. make sure the stop arm on the idler gear is between the two tabs on the cup. for a breakdown of the parts.Install the assembly on the engine and you should be good to go.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.