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Marine engines, 6BTA 5.9: I have two 2004 Cummins I/ 6BTA

Customer Question

I have two 2004 Cummins I/B 6BTA 5.9 M3 Marine diesel engines with 2500 hours. One engine seized so I decided to rebuild both engines, to the tune of $20,000.00 plus. Now, one hundred hours later, the bolts from the crankshaft damper fell out and 2 of the four bolts are terribly worn and scored on the ends. My question is this: On the crankshaft end (same as "camshaft", right?) where the damper bolts into the shaft, are there 4 holes of more in the shaft itself? I fear that there are only 4 holes and that the existing hole threads are now damaged so that new bolts will not solve what now appears to be a new problem. Vibrations when that engine is running. Will I need to buy an entire new camshaft? Out of ignorance I use the two words, camshaft and crankshaft for the same shaft. The boat is in a marina, 300 miles south of Tucson on the Sea of Cortez.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Diesel Boat Doc replied 1 year ago.
Hi you can use a thread repair kit and that should be fine.

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