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I have a 1989 Bayliner 2150 ciera sunbridge. I believe that

Customer Question

I have a 1989 Bayliner 2150 ciera sunbridge. I believe that the 4 fixed position (non-opening) windows/sunlights on the port and starboard side of the cabin roof and bulkhead are just polycarbonate inserts that are pressed in place using a marine adhesive? Please confirm. Also I believe I should be able to remove them by applying even force from the inside and they will come loose without damaging the fiberglass or gel-coat? Please confirm. I can fabricate new windows from sheet stock, unless you know of a retail source that sells these windows pre-made? I intend to obviously clean the resting areas of any adhesive and re-adhere the windows in place using an industrial glazing two sided tape with with moisture barrier cell lining on the sides (of the sides that don't have adhesive on them). I will form the tape around the edges of the hole then put down a fine bead of silicone around the interior radius of the tape. Before placing windows in place I will set a few tooth picks on the out side of the tape to insure that I do not "Over" press in the windows, this will allow the tape and the silicone to perform as necessary and not pull away in changing temperatures?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Ted G. replied 1 year ago.
On an 89 you may be able to do as you suggest, press them out. But in most cases they were installed with 3M 5200, which is very strong and may need to be scored or cut away in order to remove the window. You may pull away gelcoat in the adhesive area, but normally a little body filler will level the surface again. You may be able to get someone to fabricate the windows for you, but if you can cut and install them yourself you will save considerable money. The only issue I can see with you using tape is it may raise the window too high and not look right when it's installed, a little experimenting should tell you whether this is the case. Otherwise bed them back in with 5200 as long as you never want to remove them again.