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I need to flush my 2006 Mercury 4 stroke model 40ELPT engine

Customer Question

I need to flush my 2006 Mercury 4 stroke model 40ELPT engine to wash the salt water from it. I have used the boat only in fresh water before now, but moved to Palm Coast, FL recently & had to use it in the Intercostal Waterway in order to dock the boat at my condo marina. I have used Water Muffs back when I lived on a fresh water river (The St. Johns River) to flush my engine, but now at my salt water location the boat is on a lift & there's no way to affix the water muffs because the dock is too far away from the intake holes at the bottom of the engine. I tried to reach the intake holes from inside the boat, but the only way to do so is to straddle the engine like a horse & reach far down to try to slip the water muffs over the intake holes, but it's too precarious & I'm 79 yrs old, so not too spry for this type of venture...I fell into the water last time I tried. I am going crazy trying to find the 2nd flush connection but have been able to do so. I even bought a Mercury repair manuel but although they give various possible locations to find a flush connection, I can't find any. I do notice, however, that the little squirt fitting that squirts water in a stream behind the boat to show that the water is circulating, and test the temperature of the circulating water is in a recessed hole behind the cowling, and I see what looks like threads the size of a water hose thread. I could get a goose neck connector that I could screw into these threads with the male end of the connector and screw a water hose into it's female end, but I'm not sure I should use this to flush because it may not deliver adequate water to keep the engine from overheating. Also this connection would reverse the normal flow of water that normally takes place when it operates it's normal function (squirting water out the hole rather than into it. I don't want to burn up my engine. So my question is do you know where the flush connection is or is the little squirt hole I mention is actually this connect point? I'm so frustrated about this problem that I am really up set at Mercury for not publishing better information in their manuals so a layman can find the flush connect. It shouldn't be this hard!!! Thanks for any help you can offer.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Charles replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is***** will assist you.

The water tell-tale point with what looks like threads in it is the flush point. The easiest way to attach a hose to it is to trim the engine up, them screw in your hose, Trim the engine back down to a level position. Then turn the water on. You can run the engine at idle like this for just a few minutes, with no problem.

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