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Please help My boat is a sea jay with 40 hp honda it's never

Customer Question

Please help
My boat is a sea jay with 40 hp honda it's never been a problem
I had my steering cable seize up over winter l had it serviced and new helm and cables put in got it back and it's been hell since ! To keep it short it has lost 3 quarters power and vibrates bad it looks like a spa behind the boat going though the water and it's balance is bad !!! Ok it also idles so bad it would just cut out !!! Ok so after 3 or so visits back to get fixed all the main problems been check like fuel lines etc idle adjustments carbs for water replaced filters etc still no good it just has no top end power only would go 5 knots but would sound good but the bubbles in the water behind the boat didn't look right anyway we replaced the prop and hoped that would be it and it did help the power up now to about 15 knots and sounded better vibrates only a bit but still not right missing still half power and not balanced and the wash at the back of the boat didn't look right !! Think he has put the engine in the wrong spot but he tells me it's fine !! It must have to do with the helm and cables he fixed because it only happen after that ? Does that make sense at all don't know what it is but it feel shit and not stable to ride also the first time we got it back the sterring was loose it just popped out behind the wheel we just feed it back ? It grabbed and connected but not sure ?.? Even at 5 knots driving it the wash is big behind the boat
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jeff G. replied 1 year ago.

Unconscionable for the steering not to be tight and properly seated in the helm. I am assuming from your post you have a Teleflex type steering. If it clicks hard into place and you can't pull it out with turning the steering wheel you are OK.

Go to the back of the boat and look at the adjusting holes where the large mounting bolts attach the engine to the boat. Do any of the unused holes show signs of the engine being mounted through those holes? It is quite possible he didn't put the engine in the proper place.

Is this a power trim or manual trim motor?

OK now you say the the engine idles bad. This would have nothing to do with the engine set up. I'll tell you where to look and the probable problem.

Inside each carb is a idle jet. In actuality this is a long very thin tube. It is restricted (jet) inside and also has some real tint vent holes drilled in the tube. What you will need to do is totally disassemble the carbs and remove this idle tube. Carefully clean it with some carburetor cleaner and a rag. Examine the idle tube with a magnifying glass and you will probably find some very small cracks between the vent holes or leading from the vent hole. Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence in these carbs.

You will need to replace the tubes with new ones. They are not expensive. I would also replace the gaskets as well including the intake gaskets. Then after putting everything back together you need to have the carburetors synchronized. This is very important.

I run into this on a regular basis with the 40/50 hp Honda engines.

I also recommend after each use you drain each carb via the drain screw on the bottom of the float bowls. I would also recommend using a qualified shop to do the repairs, someone familiar with those carbs that has the proper tools and service manuals. If they don't have a synchronizer tool, find another shop.

Post back how it goes.