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Tan, MerCruiser Certified Technician
Category: Boat
Satisfied Customers: 11052
Experience:  40 yrs. experience with complete engine repairs both inboard/outboard and MerCruiser Certified Technician.
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I own a 2001 Chaparral Sunesta powered by a Mercruiser

Customer Question

I own a 2001 Chaparral Sunesta powered by a Mercruiser 5.0 EFI engine. The manual isn't really helpful in identifying exactly what drains I should expect to find on my boat. Here's what it says:

"Remove drain plugs from the following locations, if equipped: A Port and starboard side of cylinder block. B Bottom of exhaust manifolds. C Starboard side Y-fitting. D Fuel cooler. E Port seawater pipe. 3 Repeatedly clean out drain holes using a stiff piece of wire. Do this until entire system is drained."

I would prefer a manual that tells me how I can know for certain if my boat is equipped with the various plugs! But here's what I can say I found with my visual inspection:

- Front: Circulating pump drain plug

- Starboard: Exhaust manifold drain plug AND Y-fitting

- Port: Exhaust manifold drain plug AND cylinder block drain plug.

Is a total of 5 drain points possible? At a minimum, doesn't there have to be a starboard side cylinder block drain plug that I didn't find, or does the Y-fitting do the same thing?

PS:  My engine number is OM011823

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Tan replied 1 year ago.

Hello. My name is Tan.

Here are the points I drain on this engine. Both sides of the engine block, both exhaust manifolds and the large hose on the circulation pump. If you have the Mercruiser factory plug in the large hose just remove the plug. Many of the engine of this age the hose has been replaced with a hose without the fitting. The plugs should be the blue plugs. Then the oil cooler and the raw water pump if you have the Bravo drive. The oil cooler plug only has to be removed if the cooler holds water. This would be mounted just below thew motor mount port side. If the oil cooler is mounted at an angle at the rear of the engine draining isn't necessary.

The Y fitting doesn't drain both sides.

Post back with questions.