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I have a 1970 evinrude electric shift. it has not seen water

Customer Question

I have a 1970 evinrude electric shift. it has not seen water since 1976. I'm getting fuel. the motor turns over with the neutral safety switch bypassed. now I'm trying to get spark with no luck. it has electronics and it looks like a stator under the flywheel
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jeff G. replied 2 years ago.

Why is the neutral safety switch bypassed?

Have you tested the key switch?

You have a very obsolete ignition system. Your stator under the flywheel is a 9 amp alternator for the charging system. It isn't part of the ignition system. To get to the ignition you need to remove the flywheel, a steering wheel puller can remove the flywheel. Don't use a puller that pulls on the ring gear.

Once the flywheel is removed you will see the distributor cap. CAREFULLY, remove the distributor cap. Underneath are normal contact points and condenser. Check these. Since the engine has been sitting so long I would replace them. You may find some aftermarket parts, the OEM parts are obsolete.

Clean the dist. cap and the terminals inside. Carefully clean the rotor. Reassemble.

Make sure the battery is fully charged, then crank the engine looking for good spark on all cylinders.

Try all this and post back your results.


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