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I have a 2008 Master Craft X-2 with an Indmar 350 engine. The

Customer Question

I have a 2008 Master Craft X-2 with an Indmar 350 engine. The boat was cruising fine Saturday ( we were surfing at 9 MPH) when the engine started 'lunging' and then quit. We limped it home. Now it will start just fine when cold, run for about 5-7 seconds and then seems to starve for fuel and stall. Then it will not re-start for several minutes. I think it may be the tank mounted fuel pump. However in looking at a couple of sites that sell parts, there are many new in the box pumps for sale because others have mis-diagnosed this kind of problem and bought a new pump only to find it is not the pump. i have not been able to figure out what the actual diagnosis was, but I don't want to buy a $650 pump if that isn't the problem.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Tan replied 2 years ago.
Hello.They don't put fuel pumps in the fuel tank as if you were to break a fuel line the pump would fill the bilge with gasoline. This is more likely to be debris in the fuel tank clogging the pick up tube so the engine starves for fuel. To determine if the boat side is the cause of the issue run the engine on another fuel source. Disconnect the fuel supply line at the engine plug the line then get a gas can and some fuel hose run the engine on the gas can. Does the engine run better? This will do 2 things eliminate the boat side fuel system as a cause for your issue or tell us the engine is the problem and not the boat side fuel system. Now there is a vacuum test we can perform on the boat side fuel system if you can't run the engine on a different fuel source. Does this make sense?