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If the cooling system is airbound because of a head gasket

Customer Question

If the cooling system is airbound because of a head gasket would you see milky oil or other signs? My block is running at 200 degrees when over 2500 rpm. I can run 2500 or under at 180. When it runs hot I can still hold my hand on the risers. It is a closed cooling system
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  briggs archer replied 2 years ago.
If a head gasket was leaking into the cooling system you would see slight oil deposits in the heat exchanger and an overflow in the overflow tank. It also may show on one of the spark plugs as white washed clean. A compression test and a cooling system pressure test would determine if the head gasket is compromised. Before you even go there remove the thermostat and test also remove the end caps on the heat exchanger to look for impeller pieces and debris.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I need to check the end caps of the exchanger. I just got the boat. When I checked the t stat it was removed. Not a good sign. I do not have oil/ coolant mix on the dip stick or antifreeze reserve
Expert:  briggs archer replied 2 years ago.
Yes , check the end cap where the raw water goes into the heat exchanger. All water flow passages up to heat exchanger are open except maybe an older style oil cooler.