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RSRBOB, Technician
Category: Boat
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Experience:  Former Yamaha Factory Service Rep, Dlr Line Tech, Serv Mgr, G/M
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Is it possible to separate the top and bottom shells of a 1995

Customer Question

Is it possible to separate the top and bottom shells of a 1995 wave venture waverunner?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 2 years ago.
Hi and thank you for your question.I suppose it is possible, but it certainly was not designed to be separated. It uses a very high strength epoxy to hold the upper deck and lower hull together. A person would have to get in between the halves and saw the glue to separate them. Also, if any of the epoxy happened to go down the side where the right angle is to the bond line, you would have to saw those two pieces apart from the bottom up.So yes, it could be done, but it certainly won't be easy or quick.If you don't mind my asking, so I might provide an alternative solution to separating the top and bottom, why do you want to do this?ThanksRSRBOB
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I had some damage to the fiberglass hull where it actually cracked all the way through. There is no way to get to the back side of the damage because of the Styrofoam. So if I can get them apart, I can remove the blocks of foam, and reinforce it from that backside with some resin.
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 2 years ago.
Without knowing exactly where the damage is, I have been involved in fiberglass repair where we started cutting the foam into smaller pieces to it could be removed with the halves still glued together. Where exactly is it damaged that you can't get the foam out? Being from Florida, I have seen a lot of skis cracked up, and never been in a position of needing to separate the halves to make a repair.RSRBOB
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ill send some pics in the am.
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 2 years ago.
Super. I have seen some pretty extreme damage to impossible to access areas. Sometimes your best option is cutting a hole in the opposite side to access the inside of the original damage and then fiberglass the hole back up.
Looking forward to seeing your pics though.
Thanks Customer
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Here are the pics. The one in the front I can access by removing the foam, but the lower damage I cant get to without opening her up as it is under some contours. I may just clean it out really well from the outside and just go over it. That area dosent take to much abuse, lol.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Did you see the pictures?
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 2 years ago.
Yes, thank you.Concerning the damage on the bow, you can cut the foam right behind the storage locker and remove that without damaging the storage part of the foam. That was a fairly common practice back when Ventures were new and we were doing a lot of repairs on them.The one aft is a different story. To be able to repair it from both sides, you are going to have to cut a hole on the inside of the gunnel and cut the foam out to be able to access the damage and reinforce it from the inside. That will produce the strongest repair by patching it inside and out. If you were to make your cut out on the side of the inside of the footwell, it is not as structurally significant and therefore acceptable to repair that from only the external surface. The outside of the hull needs to be stronger and would certainly prove to be a lot more durable if you could glass cloth over the damage inside and out.PS, are you doing this yourself or having someone else do it for you?ThanksRSRBOB
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Im having a friend with some experience help me. I think we will go in through the footwell to get to the back side.
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 2 years ago.
Excellent. The more I looked at the one pic of the damage on the side, I wasnt sure how far back on the ski it was.If it is not a high stress area, you could very well consider just an external repair.The damage to the bow should be accessible from the inside without too much trouble.ThanksRSRBOBPS, You need to use an epoxy based resin to repair Wave Runners. They are sheet molded compound and require the epoxy base to adhere. The resins made for hand laid fiberglass will not work.

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