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Boat Engine # ***** I have TWO issues, which began on the

Customer Question

Boat Engine # ***** I have TWO issues, which began on the exact same day, so I'm not sure if they are related or not. I will provide background details which are relevant, then the questions. After being winterized, I attempted to start boat for the
first time in the season. This was back in May 2015. Nothing, just click, click, no starter. Checked battery, voltages from ignition to solenoids, to starter, etc. All good. Long story short, I ordered a new starter. The starter I removed was a 863007A, 9
tooth model. It was replaced with what I believe to be a 807904A, PG260F1, smaller 11 tooth model. Seemed weird when I received it, but, online review conveyed that it was 9 to 11 tooth is now the new norm. This is the exact starter I got:
It has listed that it is indeed a replacement for 863007A 1. I removed the existing starter, which by the way had shims. I installed the new starter, (which had no shims, and the old ones didn't seem to fit the new starter) without any shims. It seemed to
fit ok, and I felt no real gap. After installation, it fired right up just fine. First time since winterization by the marina. The next day, I took the boat out for the afternoon, it started like a champ, ran like a champ. Now, here's the two simultaneous
problems which presented exactly two weeks later (we had non stop rain for the most part), the very next time I took the boat out, and now every time since. 1. The starter now spins when trying to start the boat, but the engine does not crank or turn over.
Here is a video clip of what I'm talking about: You'll notice after 5 to 10 tries, you'll hear a spin with a by a brrrrrrrr sound (at about the 30 to 40 second mark in the video). Now, not shown on the video, if
I continue trying, eventually the engine does crank and fire up. After it did, I then took the boat out for 3 hours straight. Stopped it, and restarted, and it cranked immedaitely back up. Did this two or three times, and it started right back each time with
no issue. HOWEVER, I wait until the next day, and the symptoms repeat themselves. After about 20 tries, it will then crank up again. Any ideas what is causing this? 2. Simultaneous to this (surely this isn't related, just odd they both began on the exact same
day), while idling, I have no problem. While idling (boat not in gear) at even 3200 to 4000 rpm, I have no problem. But, when placing load on the boat, typically right after getting up on plane and at a higher rpm (over 3,000) but also sporadically after being
on plane for a while, I will get what sounds like a loud click/tick or spark sound and the boat will jerk and hesitate for a split second, kind of loosing full power, but again, only for a second. It scares you slightly and fills overall like you've hit a
log or something at a fast speed, but it's actually coming from the engine compartment. If you are sitting in the back, you get the loud click sound from the engine compartment. It happens sporadically and not necessarily consistently, but usually right after
getting on plane. --- I could not replicate this when not in gear sitting at the dock with the engine cover off, even when I pushed it to 4,000 rpm. Can you give me in order the first 3 to 5 things I should check to try to troubleshoot this #2 issue? I could't
not find this specific symptom in the troubleshooting manual for the Merc 3.0. Again, not sure if related to the starter issue or not, but it did only begin doing this on the someday as the starter issue described above.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Tan replied 2 years ago.
Sorry can't help at this time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. Will another person try to help?
Expert:  briggs archer replied 2 years ago.
Check the battery and engine connections. remove ,clean with a wire brush and reconnect. check the engine main connector for good clean pins and reconnect.