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Had problems with it bogging down took carbs out cleend up

Customer Question

Had problems with it bogging down took carbs out cleend up and put carb kits in now have problem with brown looking stuff that I can see in the clear fill line filter that I put in to make sure that no bad stuff got in the carbs the fill line filter looked
good when I had it started in the drive but when I put it in the water it filled up with brown stuff with little bits of something in it I think that that stuff plugged up the fill filter to much and that's y it bogged the engine down and it shutdown. Do u
know of a good way to git that stuff out of the gas tank on a 1980 I think . glasstron boot with the gas tank under the front of the boat.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jeff G. replied 2 years ago.
Depends if you have the fiberglass or the aluminum fuel tank.If you are just getting a little bit some Mercury Quickleen will get rid of some of the gunk. I would suggest putting a water separating fuel filter mounted in the boat. It has a filter that looks like a large oil filter so it is difficult to clog but will remove most all trash and water. Get a spare filter and after following the directions on the product pump out the tank, replace fuel lines, and replace the filter with a new one.Heavier accumulations you can get commercially available fuel tank cleaners at most auto parts stores.If you have one of the old fiberglass fuel tanks then the use of Ethanol may be dissolving the fuel tank itself. There is no cure for these tanks other than replacement.I would also highly recommend replacing all the fuel lines with ethanol resistant fuel lines. Same with your engine!Just a FYI on the float bowls of your carbs are small brass air jets, remove them and toss them. Also open the idle mixture to 2 turns out from lightly seated as an initial starting point. These should help with your acceleration.

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