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There is a cast iron ring on both of my 3408 marine cats around

Customer Question

There is a cast iron ring on both of my 3408 marine cats around the flywheels. They have both come off. my starboard engine seems to still run fine without it, but the port engine the ring got caught on something and has torn up the flywheel and knocked the belt off...the engine still runs, but I need to replace the question is what are these rings for and how do they go back on? There is a ton of metal flakes and dust in the engine room and there are 2 broken pieces of cast iron, that I have not figured out where they have come from...niether piece appears to have come from either one of the rings they remain in tact and are just hanging loosely on the flywheels
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Diesel Boat Doc replied 2 years ago.
I will help you when you say the flywheel where are you looking on the front of the engine. It sounds to me that the harmonic balancer came apart witch balances the crank shaft if you run it with out it you can brake the crank shaft. What horsepower are the engines. hopefully that is not why the oil pressure fell you must not run the engine above an idle until it is replaced and don't run the engine without oil pressure. The work needs to be done by a mechanic