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I am considering buying a boat that has 2- Cummins (1995) 6BTA

Customer Question

I am considering buying a boat that has 2- Cummins (1995) 6BTA 5.9-M1 engines. The boat 1 a 1995 year and the engines have 1200 hours of use each.
The boat has had 2 owners with the last owner owning the boat for 10 years. The boat is a 36 foot trawler type, but with a semi-displacement hull. With these powerful engines it is capable of reaching speeds of 17 plus knots. This boat typically is use for longer distance cruising where slower more economical (longer fuel consumption) engines are desirable.
As a result, this last owner spent most of his cruising in the 9 knot range with an occasional need to go as high as 13 knots, but that is it. The engines have been under utilized. Is this a problem? if any built up carbon, etc. has not been blown out on a regular basis, have the engines been compromised, causing me the need to run away from this boat. or is this not critical. Perhaps just a run up in rpms and a good additive is all that it needs. Other than this, the boat looks great.
What are you thoughts? Recommendations?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jason replied 2 years ago.
Hi Dean, my name is ***** ***** I will be helping you today.
There isn't anything critical to the actual engines internals that would be of any internal damage. If anything, it might just have some carbon buildup, and it just needs a good decarbonizing. The turbo charger on the other hand also stands a chance of being carboned up, and that is not something that can be fixed by "mechanic in a can", that would have to come off and get sent out if there was an issue there. Other than that they are great bulletproof engines, the harder you run them the happier they are
Did you have any further questions on them, or was the lack of hard running your primary concern? -Jason
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you.
This was my primary concern. I know its best to run the engines at 70% plus, but if this was not done has harm come to the engine that could come with it some big repair bill. Frankly I would prefer to run this boat at the 9 knots too, but would make an effort to run it up afterer every hour or 2 of running. does this sound like it would be ok?
Expert:  Jason replied 2 years ago.
If you can average it out so that you do 15 minutes of hard running for every hour of trolling around that will be fine. The biggest issue is heat. When trolling around they simply don't get that hot. And the engine needs to get hot in order to be "self cleaning". So everything as far as the block and pistons go that would all be fine. If the engine is going to have any issues at all from the low rpm it would be a dirty turbo. So if you do go sea trial it, and you throttle up and see black smoke, it's more than likely the turbo that's dirty and not spooling up.
I do want to make sure you are happy with the service I am providing to you before you go. Did you have any other questions on the engine or do you think that covers it? -Jason
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
To fix the Turbo charger...what would that cost typically (labor and parts)?
Expert:  Jason replied 2 years ago.
If the housing itself is in good shape but just needs bearing/impeller that usually runs in the 600 range, not including removal and installation of it, just the overhaul.
If there was anything else feel free to ask. If not,
Just incase you do not understand the way the website works (and some folks do not). You do have to put forth a positive rating in order for it to credit me for helping you. When ratings are not done, the website simply keeps your deposit and they will not credit me. Please let me know if you run into any problems or errors when trying to do it. If you can not see the ratings box, please reply back "I rate Jasons service as _______" and fill the blank with whatever you deem most appropriate. Questions do not close out, so if you have to come back tomorrow or next week with follow up questions to this you still can even after doing a rating. Tips are always greatly appreciated.
If I do not hear back from you I thank you in advance and good luck!

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