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I have twin mercury verado 225s. My smartcraft system

Customer Question

Hi. I have twin mercury verado 225s. My smartcraft system shows port engine at 149 degrees and starboard at 95 degrees and pressure at 11.7 psi for port and 6.4 psi for starboard. Engines both seem to be running smoothly but I'm concerned about difference. Here are the complete smartcraft readings, taken at 4030 RPMs for each motor:
149 degrees vs. 95 degrees
62.6 psi vs. 69.1 psi
14.3v vs. 14.3v.
11.7 psi vs. 6.4 psi
Also I had grounded out (sandy bottom) and was running motors forward and reverse to try to get out (ended up digging a whole in the sand a bit with the props but couldn't free the boat, had to get towed out, but then boat seemed to be running fine, but I noticed the number discrepancy. Not 100% sure if it was from the ground out because I didn't check the numbers before the ground out and this was the first time took boat out all year. Another concern is that when I was trying to get boat out I trimmed motors to high with running and they may have ran out of water for a few seconds (2 - 3 seconds max). There seemed to be white smoke coming from the motors during this ordeal but nothing unusual in the way of smoke after being ungrounded. Engines sounded fine and seemed to run fine. I also noticed that at idle the port is a little lower RPMs now then starboard (550 vs. 600) with smartcraft numbers similar to other RMPs operations (i.e., port temp and pressure higher than starboard similar to the numbers above). I would appreciate advice on what might be wrong and how I could go about fixing it. Thanks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Charles replied 2 years ago.
Hello, my name is***** you for allowing me to assist you today.
Replace both of your water pumps. With the engine being in the sand, you could have blocked the passages in the block. While you have the gear case off, use a hose to back flush the engine. Remember that to remove the gear case, you need to drain the engine oil first.