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Hey I hope you can help me!! I have a 1983 pro craft with a

Customer Question

Hey I hope you can help me!! I have a 1983 pro craft with a 115 hp straight six ser#6127405 I been working on the power trim I replaced the brushes in motor and solenoids. My question is I need (I think) to replace the power trim relay (little black plastic box with a button on the bottom I need to know where I can get this part and is the part im calling a power trim relay is it the power trim relay? The part in question sits next to the solenoids to the right? any clue? Thanks Joe.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jeff G. replied 2 years ago.
Welcome,this question may need more than a single answer. Please post back with additional questions on this at any time.You don't have a power trim relay. Only the power trim solenoids. Do you have the separate trim motor and reservoir mounted in the boat? If so then the solenoid is mounted on the trim motor. The only other component is the trim switch on your control.
Relays are used with much newer two wire trim units. Solenoids are used with the older three wire trim motors.
We no longer rebuild trim motors we order them from Mercury or ARCO Marine.
I'm not sure what the part you are looking at is. a picture would help.

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