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I have a 2002 seadoo gtx that is direct inject, it will crank

Customer Question

I have a 2002 seadoo gtx that is direct inject, it will crank up instantly and idle good, however when I pull the throttle it makes a slight sound but nothing happens, it just stays idle. Any suggestions
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Joe replied 2 years ago.


Thank you for allowing me to assist you, my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist you with your concern today.

I will always try to reply back to you right away however please understand that I may be busy answering another customer back and thus it may sometimes take time to reply back to you. As soon as I return I will be sure to reply back to you as soon as I am able to.

For this to happen and yet have it seemingly run perfect otherwise usually indicates a throttle cable issue be it broken, the actual throttle thumb part broke (where cable attach's) or when throttle cable attach's to the throttle body and or throttle body issues and thus those are the very first places to start. The easiest by far will be remove the seat, locate the throttle body and watch the linkage/throttle cable as you press the throttle watch if it moves, if not you know the problem is cable or actual throttle thumb portion. You can disconnect the cable holding by hand and see if it's connected as you work it at each end if both ends don't move together the cable is broke. Know that the cable can also come loose from it's mounting inside the hull but for throttle this usually will not cause complete non functional throttle.

Here is a diagram:

Know that you may need to remove the air box for better visibility of the throttle assembly at the throttle bodies.

I can also supply the entire oem service manual for you which I will send an offer over on including a personal email for future reference and help.

Thank you!

- Joe

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ill try to word it better, throttle linkage is 100%

When I push throttle handle I hear a slight noise but rpms don't change, thinking ecm?

Expert:  Joe replied 2 years ago.
HOw have you confirmed the throttle is working? Doing this involves removing the air box and watching inside the throttle body throat for the blade to move as the throttle is applied. Next would be checking the throttle sensor which monitors throttle position and sends this info to the ecm which if the sensors test good then wiring harness must be checked, if that is all confirmed good and good fuel pressure then the ecm would become suspect. I can say that even if ecm did NOT command more fuel that IF the throttle is working then it would open the throttle butterflies and in doing so would put too much air into engine as not enough fuel, this would be visible with the airbox removed. It's very important to check this way as these things can easily be overlooked.

Another non related problem just as an fyi that is a common failure on these in case you do not already know for future reference is fuel pumps are a high failure item on these.

Also as a reminder I can send the service manual if needed as well.


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