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Jason, Marine Mechanic
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Jason,I have a 1995 130HP Evinrude. It is not running properly

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I have a 1995 130HP Evinrude. It is not running properly I noticed that the wires (one tan & one white w/black spiral) pulled out of my port side temperature switch (part #058379), probably while removing the cowling. Can I just replace the wires in the switch with liquid solder or do I have to remove the switch to do it? And if I need to remove the switch, how do I do it?

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you today.

Did the wires actually pull out of the temperature switch? Did they break off? Is there any kind of pigtail hanging out of the switch that you can strip the wires back on?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


The wires caught on the motor cowling and were pulled out of the switch. They are undamaged and appear to be in good condition. I believe I can replace them in the switch, but I'm not certain which wire goes into what hole! Can I trial & error them with the motor running,, and then liquid solder them when I have the right connections?


Thanks for your speedy reply,



Hi Rod,

The temperature switch is just a variable resistor, and like all electrical resistors, they are not polarity sensitive. So it wouldn't matter which wire went into which hole, just stick 1 wire in 1 hole and the other wire in the other hole, again it would not be polarity sensitive. Obviously in the shop I would just replace the switch. And if you want to go that route. (or if what your trying doesn't work out) there are 2 types of temperature switch on these engines. 1 type will have a cover nut over it that you just unthread with a regular wrench, and then you grab the temperature switch with either a pair of pliers or a corkscrew and just yank it. The other type there is no cover nut, and you just yank it out with some plies. When you go it install a new one just use a little bit of grease on the sides of it. (but not the bottom of it)

Does that make sense? Did you have any further questions on this?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Jason,

I'm going to try to replace the wires in the switch first. Glad it's idiot proof as far as the polarity! If it doesn't solve the problem I'll order a new switch and follow your directions for the R&R.


I'll get back to you if I encounter a problem, but it sounds pretty straight forward.


Thanks for the clear scoop!



Your very welcome Rod. The switch is pretty straight foward. And they are not that expensive. If if gives you any troubles just let me know. Also, the wording on the website is a bit decieving. You are more than welcome to reply back at any time, before or after doing the ratings. There are no time limits here, and questions never ever close out.

Good luck!



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